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What’s in BMW 18 Concept Spyder?

At first glance, the sport car is all-handsome, but in a deeper look, it will reveal a total awesome sports car. With a great combination of technology,  interior  and exterior  designs, aerodynamics and great sense of mobility, BMW 18 concept Spyder has produced not only a performance car but also superiority in its aesthetic charms. 

BMW alluring features start with its upward-swiveling and windowless door and then matched with a range of purpose-oriented dashboard and a transparent tailgate where an electric kickboard is tactically deposited. The sports car is powered by e-drive drivetrain with high performing electric motor and an engine for petrol combustion efficiency. Its modular lightweight construction makes the sport car an innovation using LifeDrive architecture, which uses high-tech materials with high level of quality. Inside the car, an overflowing air of awesomeness does not erase the car’s sportiness but rather enhance its being a sporty car. The exterior reveals dynamic paintworks, which makes the car, attained its distinctive appeal.

Because it BMW 18 concept Spyder is built with LifeDrive architecture, it’s a fusion of independent functional units with Life modular that gives the car its super lightweight passenger cell while the other functional features brings all together its driving functions with features such as the power train and the chassis complete with all the safety structures. Its lightweight -built modules correspond to the car’s goal of eliminating additional weight on conceptual hybrid cars. It has a front and rear axle that is connected to a tunnel where the hybrid battery is tucked. The goal here is to give the car a low gravity resulting to what car engineers called as ideal balance. 

BMW 18 Spyder has headlights that uses the latest laser technology and emphasizes BMW’s U-shaped design template; a defining elements that has always been visible in BMW’ cars. The semi-transparent “V” spreads out towards the windscreen and directs the eyes to the electric motor mounted below. It’s an open top two-seater that makes the car more dynamic in design. The two section folding roof on the other hand comes in handy in times of unfavorable weather. The doors open by means of pivoting forward around its A-pillar axis enhancing BMW famous impact. The BMW silhouette gives the impression the car is carved from a single mould thus giving its ultra sleekness appeal.

BMW 18 concept Spyder is capturing not only the imagination but as well as the enthusiasm of luxury and sport car buyers. With more innovation and dynamic concept coming its way, BMW is definitely more steps forward in luxury car sales race.