Eastwood Automotive Paints & Tools

Eastwood automotive paintsEveryone has his own taste in everything, it is an axiom. Car owners are not an exception, that’s why a lot of them try to make their own vehicle unique and recognizable. The number of customization ways is really huge and the only limit is your imagination. Probably, the easiest way to change the look of your four-wheeled friend is to paint it in another color. Painting won’t change the body of your vehicle but the difference will be really noticeable. Soft classic color will make your vehicle more elegant and stylish and bright unusual one will provide a bold and eye-catching look to your pride and joy. A vast variety of colors allows you to show all your taste and imagination. Car painting is a simple thing that make serious changes.

Eastwood: More Than Paint

One of the most popular and recognizable name in automotive painting segment is Eastwood. Brand has more than 35 years of experience which allows Eastwood to be among the industry leaders. In 1997 company introduced its own innovative project HotCoat Powder Coating System. Powder coating is easy-to-use, economical and provide more attractive and durable effect that’s why it became an excellent alternative to paint and brought the international success and recognition to Eastwood. They call it “more than paint” inside the company.

Eastwood finishes

However, if you’re a conservative person or just don’t like the powder, you’ll be pleased to know that Eastwood produce a vast array of automotive paints which have incredible quality, remarkable durability and resistance. Permanent improving of the technology and tools of powder and paint production coupled with its wide experience allows Eastwood to stay among the leaders for such a long time. It is easy to make your daily driving brighter with Eastwood paints and powders!

Eastwood at CARiD

It is worth noting that Eastwood’s lineup includes a number of other products such as tools, fluids, oils, lubricants, shop supplies and consumables and the list is not over. If you need to find any of upscale Eastwood products turn to the digital store CARiD. There you will find a comprehensive collection of company’s paints and other products for really reasonable prices.

The New Gallardo Successor Cabrera Spy Shots Looks Amazing

Well! Well! Well! Lamborghini has always been the best on presenting the top concepts of car that are designed with some of the great technologies and amazing looking model. One of the most popular designs that have been released so far is the Gallardo. Nearly 14,000 of this model were sold off in these 10 years and now seem the car is soon going to get end in the production cycle. Looking at such a huge success of this car release, it was certainly not easy for the company to create the new one. But the company has designed the new concept called the Cabrera which is expected to be released in the coming Christmas. However, Cabrera car comes with few of the replacements and the work is currently in process.
Features that you may notice
It will come with similar mid-engine which Gallardo had
It will give 600 or more horsepower
The weight will be less
There will be newly installed R8
Carbon fiber production techniques are improved
The car will be known as the Gallardo successor and seems to be similar to the previous release. However, this super car is expected to be released soon, but the way, the company has been planning up to experiment with the idle concept; it seems that the delay in the release might occur. There are some of the drawbacks that you may notice like the contrast between the air vents and the bodyworks or some of the side blade appearance that can be a disadvantage.
We hope that Cabrera prove out to be the tough competition for McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458 Italia as the new features would be introduced. However, there are still some of the drawbacks which were mentioned above that needs to be worked upon. If they are worked on, then the car will certainly be the best one in the market and would surely keep up the name of Lamborghini.

Volkswagen Introduces Two Jetta’s with Seventh-Gen Golf

With so many great concepts of cars that are being displayed at the SEMA awards, it seems that Volkswagen is proud to introduce new more concepts which included seventh generation Golf car, and Jettas. These new turbocharged EA888 four-cylinder engines has definitely surprised the audience with their amazing styling and good technology
Feature of the golf Concept
Dual exhaust muffler
19-inch Rotiform wheels
Rear spoiler
VW Accessories body kit
Center exit rear valance
Brembo brake setup
About The Volkswagen Jetta
It is one of the finest example of good technology and use of latest gadgets which has made this car the best one. This small family car is certainly a great invention of the Volkswagen Group. It has been ranked to compete with a sedan niche. It comes with so many features and hatches back too and is said to be marketed for more than six generations. Earlier this car had a conventional trunk with some unique styling.
Features not to miss
It is a 5 seater car
It comes with two- and four-door saloon
It is known for the best station wagon
.8-liter engine
425 horsepower
It comes with convertible variants
One of the high performance high-performance sports car ever designed
So far toll 2011, the sources claim that more than10 million Jetta’s have been produced and sold off as well. Let’s see what Volkswagen is now intending to sell the car for the next generation.
The biggest attraction at the 2013 SEMA show was certainly the Volkswagen vehicles that were displayed. The company is known for introducing high standards luxury cars which certainly creates the mouth opening experience. Let us hope that the trend continues to surprise us soon in the similar manner. Along with more performance, thee car have also been the finest example of fuel efficiency and light in weight and great handling wheels that you may not find otherwise

Consumer Reports Not Happy with Infotainment Woes

Yes! The recent survey made on the consumer reports have stated that the infotainment systems that have been currently designed are not so satisfactory. The problem seems to be worst for the fact that the usability is not stable. Besides, the reports have also stated that the lack of potential use made by the customers was unsatisfactory.
The current Report stated
The reliability survey which was made on the customers stated that the young group of members faced more complaints as compared to the senior citizens or the old users. The problem is old users did not perform in-depth tasks which were upgraded in the application. Looking at the improvement in the technology, the product still failed in the market as the users could not use it as expected by the manufacturer.
The common problems found
The touch usability
Low resposnse
My Ford/My Lincoln Touch
Honda’s new split-screen system
Some Positive aspects
However, there are few positive signs that were given for the infotainment systems which made it possible for the product to stay for quite a long time in the market. The brands like BMW< AUDI and Lexus were quite compatible with the use of this technology. However, the claim states that the technology of Chevrolet MyLink is almost same to this technology.
Though the Chrysler U connect system may have few or more complaints, but it seems that the product will overcome all the issues and stand on the top in the market. It is one helpful piece which comes with so many features right form road direction till engine check which makes it more like a user friendly device. You can also make a call and connect to some of the best applications which would make your driving much safer.
Though consumer reports are not so positive about this technology, it is expected to give the best of the results soon.

Fiat – Prepared to Face the Future Challenges

Fiat is one company that is continuously working to get future ready. The company first launched an educational program named “Fiat Likes U” in 2012 along with an innovative car sharing scheme. This program was launched in collaboration with about 8 Italian Universities and was a great success indeed. The company has now come up with another program that will be extended to entire Europe. In this program, Fiat is forming 14 teams of average five students from various genres to undertake the designing task of Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda. These designs will be mainly targeted for the cars to be launched in 2020.
These cars are already doing well in the market with the current specifications as well. The current features of both these cars are given here and the car enthusiasts can expect much better than this in 2020 with these special efforts from Fiat.
Fiat 500
Fiat 500 has already made its impact felt in 2013. The hatchback car comes in the electric model as well. The car has been improved and loaded with more features in 2013 to woo the customers globally. This 5 speed manual transmission car offers the fuel economy of 31/40 mpg. The 4 seater car is comfortable for longer drives with its fuel tank capacity of 10.5 gal. This 1.4 L engine equipped car offers the horsepower of [email protected] 6500 rpm with the torque of 98 [email protected] 4000 rpm. The split folding rear seat and the adjustable height front seat are amongst other features that make this car a hit amongst the small car segment.
Fiat Panda
Another good car by Fiat, and much compared with Fiat 500 is the new Fiat Panda. This 5 speed manual transmission car can also be considered to experience the change from those typical designs.

Skoda Planning to End the RS Life

Volkswagen group had introduced many great models some of them stayed in the market for quite a long time while some where not much liked by the people. skoda_fabia However, overall, the brand has got a name, reputation and a good profit in the market and is one of the top are designing firm that offers amazing models to look for. Though the company has managed to be on the top, news has hit up recently that one of its competitor which is Skoda products are planning to switch off their popular models completely.
Why are Skoda Products in demand?
Skoda is one such brand which has been into the news form quite a long time for ups and down which the brand has been financing withe the introduction of certain models. Though the company has managed to give a tough competition to many other brands, but some of its version still needs improvement as they are not liked by the people.
RS version features to enjoy:
18“ Neptune wheels
Front mask with an RS logo
Fog lamps with the Corner function
2.0 TDI CR diesel engine with 167 hp
Bold headlamps with xenon units
LED lamps for daytime lighting
A new metallic paint
2.0 TS that delivers 197 hp
Skoda products have some of the exceptional models like RS version which has gained popularity amazing the people over the past few years. However, in spite of being on top, the news says that it’s going to be a history soon. RS version is one of the 4prformance based model from Skoda which has two models popular in the market one is Octavia RS and other is Fabia RS. In spite of being both these demands on a large scale, Skoda is planning to reduce its production and later end it completely. Skoda is focuses on introducing the Monte Carlo package while stopping the Fabia RS production entirely.

Have a look at the Styling Video of the Eye Headlamps of Buick Ventiports

Lincoln and Ford are one of the top brands in the automobile market. But there are few people who disagree that Lincoln is a luxury car. The comment has been also made by the head designer of Ford, J Mays. He has justified his statement by putting forward various reasons. J Mays

He has stated that the Lincoln always lacked a unique DNA that can set it apart from the other similar cars in the market. But the company has launched the all new MKZ which has laid a strong foundation towards change.
The company has also shoot video where Jim Haul has explained all the changes that have been made in the car. Not this he has also done a good job to spot out the factors that have influenced the styling changes in the model.
The car manufacturer has used various small products from Buick and Ventiports to distinguish their cars from the others while they are driven on the roads.
The same path has been also followed by another car manufacturing giant Chevrolet. Some of the simplest things have been fitted in the car to attract the people.

These days the competition among the car makers have increases so much that the companies have to introduce new models in the market every now and then. It is also necessary to keep on improving the existing models by making subtle changes in them. This will make the car interesting to the new drivers as well. According to Jim Haul it has become very important for the companies to create a unique model to make the brand popular among the people. This is the only way to compete with the others in the market. All these things have been clearly demonstrated in the video by the expert.


Pebble Beach 2013 – Cadillac Concept Car – Elmiraj – the Next Ultra-Luxury Model

Cadillac picked the famous Pebble Beach to unveil the Elmiraj Concept The main reason behind it is that this annual event in the Monterey, California area is a mecca for affluent car lovers. This car follows the tracks of the Ciel Concept, the four door convertible that was revealed by Cadillac at Pebble Beach in 2011.
Elmiraj Concept shares the same length as Ciel at 205 inches and rides on 22 inch wheels. It is a two-door grand coupe powered by a 4.5-liter twin turbocharged V8 delivering an estimated 500 horsepower and has a rear wheel drive transmission.
The Elmiraj was designed at G.M.’s studio in North Hollywood, California under the direction of Frank Saucedo and later hand built by craftsmen in Michigan.
This car represents a superb mix of art and science with its delicately tapering body, low roof and excellent features.
The vertical headlights and tail lights represent Cadillac’s signature style. Both the vents in the car’s long hood are efficient and act as hot air outlets for the twin –turbo engine. It has aluminium wheels that are buoyed by ceramic brakes. The exterior is rich blue finish, and the grille accentuates the car’s extensive road presence.
The typical Cadillac crest appears in an intangible form and marks a new age of design achievement. This car’s style and design increase the brand’s commitment towards lightweight RWD performance.
Inside the Elmiraj presents a lavish cocktail of leather, wood and titanium. The upper part of the instrument panel is a long single piece and the lower serves as a space custom-made for performance. Exclusive Brazilian Rosewood has been hand-cut and used in the most exquisite way.
The car has a transparent analog tachometer and speedometer. Right behind that is a huge screen with high resolution display that shows all the information to the driver from the front mounted camera. It also has a 10 inch touch screen for connectivity and navigation that hides inside the instrument panel when not used.
The bucket seats automatically slides, front and the back again into position once the passenger is seated. The rear bucket seats incline too and provide added comfort.

C-Elysee WTCC Design Sketches Revealed by Citroen

A great announcement has been made by Citroen. It would be taking part in the World Touring Car Championship that is going to be held next year.  The car they will be using is the all new C-Elysee WTTC. This car will come in front of the public for the first time in the International Motor Show that is going to be held at Frankfurt. September has been chosen for the event.

Some exciting features of the car

The C-Elysee has all the features that a modern sedan must have. It has been designed keeping in mind the rapidly growing international automobile market. According to the authorities of the company it is going to sell well in countries like China and Russia. Latin America and the Mediterranean region have been also kept in the list of target markets.

The car has a three box saloon body. This makes it a great choice in terms of aerodynamics.
As this is the first ever racing car by the company the various components of the car have been installed in an easy way.
The wheels have a diameter of 18 inches.
The car also has a front bumper. An aerodynamic splitter has been also integrated to add to the power of the car.

Citroen has also revealed the sketches of the car just one month after the announcement has been made. Sebastien Loeb will be driving the C-Elysee WTCC in the circuits of the World Touring Car Championship. The most exciting feature of the car is that it is the very first model that is going to be built keeping in mind the regulations that have been laid down by FIA. The original model of the car was brought in front of the public in the Paris Show that was held last year. At that very event it was announced that Citroen will be taking part in the 2014 edition of the World Touring Championship. It also have 1.6 turbocharged engine to provide the expected racing feel.

VŪHL 05 Supercar – Go for It!

Styling is one of the most valuable objectives when it actually comes to evaluation of car. In this fast-growing generation, people are carrying out different kind of experiments with look of their car. With the help of these customisation options, a person can also become renowned by changing look of the exterior of the car.

VŪHL 05 is one of the most unique Mexican lightweight mid-engined supercar that comes with 2-liter version of Ford’s DOHC turbocharged EcoBoost engine which provides 285bhp and 420Nm speed.

Its weight ratio is 400bhp per tonne that enables the supercar to simply sprint from zero to 100kph in just 3.7 seconds with high speed of 245kph.  

This uniquely designed supercar comes with chassis which consists of three-section bonded tub that is constructed from aluminum extrusions as well as honeycomb. It uses aerospace technology that offers high level of torsional rigidity for the best handling.

You can also achieve highest level of protection for occupants with the help of double layer sidewalls as well as three-stage forward crash structure.

Its aerodynamic feature integrates front & lateral splitters, flat under body and rear diffuser & rear spoiler.

The VŪHL 05 supercar has suspension which is by uneven length double wishbones front & rear. Its braking system actually operates on 310mm ventilated cross-drilled discs at the front and at rear on 280mm units. Additionally, there are many custom types of equipment included such as carbon bucket seats, electronic data acquisition dash, water-resistant Dinamica suede trim, integral HD camera and water-resistant suede-covered steering wheel.

The VŪHL 05 supercar looks like a compact open-top racer which reminds 1960s era Can-am racer. Here, it also comes with six-speed manual which intelligently handles the transmission. The tire dimensions are 205/45 17 at the front and 235/45 18 at rear end. Its OZ alloy wheels completely offer total support they actually need. The chrome-moly steel sub-frame includes rear suspension as well as engine which are attached to passenger cell. This supercar is quite short like go-kart but provides luxury of dual seats. Its overall performance figures and low price tag makes it one of the most innovative little supercars.