The New Gallardo Successor Cabrera Spy Shots Looks Amazing

Well! Well! Well! Lamborghini has always been the best on presenting the top concepts of car that are designed with some of the great technologies and amazing looking model. One of the most popular designs that have been released so far is the Gallardo. Nearly 14,000 of this model were sold off in these 10 years and now seem the car is soon going to get end in the production cycle. Looking at such a huge success of this car release, it was certainly not easy for the company to create the new one. But the company has designed the new concept called the Cabrera which is expected to be released in the coming Christmas. However, Cabrera car comes with few of the replacements and the work is currently in process.
Features that you may notice
It will come with similar mid-engine which Gallardo had
It will give 600 or more horsepower
The weight will be less
There will be newly installed R8
Carbon fiber production techniques are improved
The car will be known as the Gallardo successor and seems to be similar to the previous release. However, this super car is expected to be released soon, but the way, the company has been planning up to experiment with the idle concept; it seems that the delay in the release might occur. There are some of the drawbacks that you may notice like the contrast between the air vents and the bodyworks or some of the side blade appearance that can be a disadvantage.
We hope that Cabrera prove out to be the tough competition for McLaren 12C and Ferrari 458 Italia as the new features would be introduced. However, there are still some of the drawbacks which were mentioned above that needs to be worked upon. If they are worked on, then the car will certainly be the best one in the market and would surely keep up the name of Lamborghini.

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