A Vision of Tomorrows Future Car – Jaguar Blue Concept

The future car by Jaguar is considered to be the blue concept for the year 2030 which is the exploration of the use of alternative construction material and sustainable manufacturing methods also which will lead to less expenses.jaguar
What is this car about!
Jaguar blue concept features a body which is going to be made of 100% renewable objects. This idea was generated by the innovator Tianmou Xu as his final project for MA 2012’s Automotive Design at the well-known Coventry University. The motivational part of this car is the cloth material that is being used which is a mixture of fiber matrix mesh. The body is made up of copper metal to cover up the original texture. It is a future car concept which focuses on an eco-friendly appearance without making much use of machines. The main attempt is to challenge all the other automotive companies in order to match up with making such an imperfect surfaced design car with unusual paint.
Features of a recycled car!
There is a layer of fiber which protects the car from any kind of crack or decay and a PVC layer which avoids water leakage.
It has four Omni directional spoke car wheels which can be driven on both normal driveways and extreme terrain areas.
The copper coating as the car’s body will help to manage in different climatic conditions and match the changing atmospheric pressures.
There is no mixture in the use of car materials with very less use of equipment and the fabric used is also very strong and flexible.
This amazing creation by Tianmou Xu leads to making very good use of the environmental factors and saving fuel in proper proportion. It gives a thought to ponder upon the manufacturing methods that we use to make different cars.

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