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Dodge Viper Spoilers

A Dodge Viper Spoiler is still a hotly-desired item, so if this is the trail you find yourself on, is your most reliable destination! We’ve got you covered corner-to-corner with the Dodge Viper Spoiler of your dreams!

There are some precautionary measures you can take to ensure that your custom style spoiler are in the best possible working condition. The first is to just check visually if it are aligned in a perfectly horizontal position, as previously mentioned. A thorough physical check-up is another way to tell if any physical damage has occurred; you can do this yourself or mention it to your mechanic the next time you visit and they’ll take a look for you. If you feel that the spoiler is not fastened properly, you probably need to reinstall it.



Read Everything about the New Buick Enclave Here

The Buick Enclave has been able to hold back the tradition of the GM Lambda. It has been built around the similar platform as the Chevrolet Traverse and GMC Acadia.2013-Buick-Enclave It has been able to make its name in the list of the top crossovers. In the previous near about 50 thousand copies of this car was sold all over the world. Thus it has been able to set an example among the cars that belong to the same segment. But to retain its popularity among its fans it has gone through some vital changes.

Not only are this other two crossovers also undergoing changes that will have the ability to attract the people. All these cars made their debut in the New York and Detroit auto shows. The Enclave has gone through a lot of changes. Though there have been changes in the details, styling and materials, the essence of the car is same as before. 

Some exciting changes are:

The greatest detail has been given in the grille. It has been made with a combination of chrome and black uprights. The look has been enhanced by varying their dimensions.
The lower part of the fascia has been painted in such a manner that it matches well with the body color of the car.
There has been a lot of change in the indicators and head lamps. The lamps are now leaner and longer. LED lights from have been used to provide more brightness.
The potholes that serve as the trademark of Buick have been moved to the top of hood.
The wheels have been of aluminum and have a diameter of 18 inches. They have been given metallic finish to attract the eye of the viewers.

The car has not undergone great changes when it comes to its interior. There is enough space in the car to accommodate seven to eight passengers comfortably. Thus it can be seen that the changes in Enclave are really interesting.

Exterior Styling for Your Car

These days the people are carrying out a lot of experiments with the look of their car. This is mainly done by them to give a unique look to their car. They also want to have a personalized feeling while they are driving the car. A person can also become distinguished from the other people who are driving the same model by changing the looks of the exterior of the car. But one thing that should be always kept in the mind is that these exterior styling equipments are not available from the factory.

Some popular exterior styling accessories

The rims and tires of the car play a great role in enhancing the look of the car. The factory rims are not so attractive. Thus the owner of the car replaces them with more stylish ones. But one thing that should be taken care of is that the rim should match well with the body color of the vehicle.
Stickers have also become very famous among the car owners these days. There are many cool and funky stickers available in the market. If the graphics is chosen correctly then it can really change the outer look of the car.
Changing the windshield wipers can also give a great look to the car.

The person has to buy them by paying extra money after he has purchased the car. A lot of care must be taken at the time of choosing the external styling accessories for the car. If they are not chosen in the right manner it can readily degrade the look of the car. Changing the exterior looks of the car can attract the attention of the mass towards it.

A Vision of Tomorrows Future Car – Jaguar Blue Concept

The future car by Jaguar is considered to be the blue concept for the year 2030 which is the exploration of the use of alternative construction material and sustainable manufacturing methods also which will lead to less
What is this car about!
Jaguar blue concept features a body which is going to be made of 100% renewable objects. This idea was generated by the innovator Tianmou Xu as his final project for MA 2012’s Automotive Design at the well-known Coventry University. The motivational part of this car is the cloth material that is being used which is a mixture of fiber matrix mesh. The body is made up of copper metal to cover up the original texture. It is a future car concept which focuses on an eco-friendly appearance without making much use of machines. The main attempt is to challenge all the other automotive companies in order to match up with making such an imperfect surfaced design car with unusual paint.
Features of a recycled car!
There is a layer of fiber which protects the car from any kind of crack or decay and a PVC layer which avoids water leakage.
It has four Omni directional spoke car wheels which can be driven on both normal driveways and extreme terrain areas.
The copper coating as the car’s body will help to manage in different climatic conditions and match the changing atmospheric pressures.
There is no mixture in the use of car materials with very less use of equipment and the fabric used is also very strong and flexible.
This amazing creation by Tianmou Xu leads to making very good use of the environmental factors and saving fuel in proper proportion. It gives a thought to ponder upon the manufacturing methods that we use to make different cars.

Get a New Trendy Car with the Same Old Model Core

Do you feel that you need to replace an old model of your Toyota or Nissan car but are not having enough funds in hand to trade the same?  Are you resistant about driving your old model vehicle simply because you feel that it affects you stylish image among your peers? Getting your car styled or modified externally would certainly be the perfect solution for you. You can give your car a complete overdo and make it look as good and trendy as the modern day models from the outside without having to spend too much money on the same.
Companies following the league of redoing old models
It is believed by the people that the new models of every car brand have great looks while the performance of the old ones is better.  So, there are many car manufacturing companies who have come up with the initiation to produce the old classic model cars with the new stylish looks to offer their clients perfect products of their desire.
Adding features to the cars
The exterior of the vehicle is all that is demanded by the clients to set up an image in the society while its engine is what determines that performance and hence considered the core of vehicle by a driver. The grille attached at the front of the cars is what acts as the most striking accessory in the vehicle giving it a trendy look while the LED lightning system that is being used for the headlights as well as flashlights of the car makes it look modern. While maintaining the essence of old models, the clients are now being provided with the new stylish cars.

Wonders of Exterior Styling Leading to a Perfect Change

Modifications in cars
Styling is one of the important objectives when it comes to evaluation of a car. Now days not only interior styling but exterior styling is also considered as a major step for modifying your car into a new look. It gives your car a very unique identity which proves that it has the best facilities compared to any other car we see in our day to day life.
Steps to start
For a complete and impressive look it is better you start styling your car from the engine till its body and color. The steps for exterior styling are as follows:
Heart of the car: The engine is the heart of the car. So, you can use a turbo charger which increases the amount of oxygen being sucked by air compression entering the engine.
Open Roof: It’s a really good idea to add a sun roof to the car in order to enjoy the superb sky view during late evening dates or a normal night drive. Being crazy and feeling the cool breeze is another add-on for a sun roof.
Doors need a change: Upgrade your car doors as well. Instead of those normal doors stock your door styles with a gull-wing or sliding styled doors. Provide an electronic opening system for the doors rather than those lock systems.
Color Change: Color is the most attractive thing for any customer. Always provide smooth and catchy colors which just catch the eye of your customers or anyone who stocks your car.
Body Features: A car’s body matters a lot as well along with its color. Change the bolts from the bumpers and grind them into smooth ones. Apart from that, also choose proper low-profile tyres which help in raising or lowering the cars instance.
Cars have their own identity. We need to style them externally and make them look the best. So, exterior styling does create a difference by attracting different people due to its looks.

Ford Unveils the New Emergency Technology Support in China

Emergency Support: Ford China
2012 Ford KugaIt all began with Ford Kuga, a China born car. This system has now moved on to all the Ford cars. Ford has decided to make the emergency support technology an inherent part of all its cars. This technology is going to be a part of the Ford Sync system. This means that it would become an obvious technology very soon. The need for emergency assistance is to avoid any sort of accidents. This would be one of the beneficial and most valued technological assistance ever provided within the cars.
The Features within Emergency Assistance
The emergency systems in the Ford cars are well equipped with all the facilities that would be needed in case of emergency. 2012 Ford Kuga2 With the Ford Mondeo, a few more features would be inserted that were not present in the Ford Kuga.
The technology for emergency in these cars would contain an emergency location screen. This would give out information about your location during an emergency call you place. Also, a list of contacts would appear when you wish to place the emergency call.
With this assistance, you can locate any Ford vehicle. The reason being that this emergency system is connected to the GPS unit of the car.
In case of a crash, the assistance technology would contact the call centre and report the crash at the earliest.
You can make the call using your own mobile phone as it is synced with the emergency unit. The call charges would be similar to what occurs on your mobile phone. So, you don’t need to worry about extra charges.
So, with emergency unit becoming synonymous with Ford cars, it is time other cars took notice of this niche need. Emergency is that one insight that people are worried about and wish to avoid.


Change The Styling Of Your Car With Exterior Styling Kits

People tend to get bored of the way their car looks after sometime or they may want their car to stand out in the crowd and be different to the other cars on the road.  Some people may want their cars to be an extension of themselves and therefore have something about them on the car. You can’t get this on the regular car models as they are mass manufactured and if you want personalized version you may have to shell out a lot of money. To help people who want their cars to look different they can go for exterior styling kits that will change the way their car looks from the outside.
Exterior Styling Kits
There are exterior styling kits that are available for almost every type of car model that is on the road. And the popular car models will have a lot more options for you to choose from as kits for the popular models are always on demand. An exterior styling lit will have designer bumpers, bonnets, side skirts, headlights, rear lights, air vents and spoilers and there are some kits where you get a lot more,. But they will be on the higher side of the price range. Most kits can be easily fitted on to your car as they are made specifically for the model and the whole process can be done in a few hours.
Customized Exterior Styling
There are car customization garages that will be able to customize your car according to your needs and budget and these modifications will be unique to your car. This is for people who don’t want to use styling kits that other cars may also have and want their car to be absolutely unique. Such customizations will take a longer time as the designing of the kit is done only after the car is received, but it will be worth the wait.

What Are The Different Products That You Can Change In Exterior Styling

There is a lot of planning that goes into the exterior styling of a car or any vehicle. The looks of a car are the first thing that will create an impression on the customer and it has to be something that will be able to attract the customer. The exterior design is not just for looks, but has some other functions too.  The exterior styling components can help in aerodynamics and also in depicting a particular theme in which the car is being designed. But after a while, you will feel bored with the exterior design of the car, but will like the way the car runs. In such circumstances, you can opt for a change in exterior styling by using accessories and new body parts.
What Are The Different Exterior Styling Products Available?
There are a lot of different products that can be used as exterior styling and they are available as a complete kit or as individual products.
There are kits that are available for specific models of car brands that will be easy to fix as it will be designed for the specific car model.
There are body styling kits that can be used and the kits will generally include a set of components for your specific vehicle.
The badges, bumper moldings, bumper vent covers, door handles, spoilers, front grills, fenders, fog lights, headlight covers (this article will help you to understand why you need headlight & taillight covers), hoods, hood vents, taillight kits, door kits, window visors are some of the commonly available exterior styling products that are available individually.
Exterior Styling And Performance
The performance of your vehicles can increase or decrease based on the exterior styling kit that you are going for. The exterior of any vehicle is designed with the aerodynamics also in mind, and therefore tweaking the body design can alter the aerodynamics of the vehicle. If the exterior styling kits are those that are done by leading exterior styling companies, then there is every chance of keeping the aerodynamic performance or maybe even increasing aerodynamic efficiency.

Exterior Styling Can Do Wonders to Old Car Models

Buick Enclave comes back in the market
2013 Buick EnclaveChanges in the exterior styling can do wonders for a car. Take for instance the Buick Enclave. Even though it is built on the same GM Lambda design concept as the other three row crossovers like Chevrolet Traverse or the GMC Acadia, there have been more than 58000 units that have been sold in the last year. That indicates that the car has managed to carve out a niche for itself in its own segment. Thus, the case in point is that, if all good things are refreshed and provided with a fresh, new look, they will certainly be taken up again by renewed enthusiasm by fans old and new.
2012 New York auto show brought in 2013 Enclave
The Enclave’s success has been the prime reason due to which Buick has brought back the car model in the market. The exterior styling has been changed along with more details and material added for the new car owners’ delight. The essence of the old car remains intact. The similar features are:
The grille in front remains the most striking feature with black and chrome alternating pattern in the new car design
2013 Buick EnclaveaLower front fascia is of the same color as the body
Headlamps have been made more angular, leaner and longer
The HID lamps have been enhanced by the LED lights
The portholes which are a trademark of the Buick design have been moved to the car’s hood
Changes from the inside
When same car models are relaunched with changes in exterior and interior styling, they are usually made more luxurious and their striking features are enhanced along with comfort for the car fans to feel their love for the car strengthen. In the case of the Buick Enclave, the changes on the inside have been the following:
The inside of the car has an added luxurious feel made possible by the use of soft touch and high quality materials
Among the Lambda crossovers Buick Enclave had superior interiors and it continues to hold that position
Chrome accents and stitching details are evident on the interior
The LED ambient lighting brings out a blue theme coupled with the headlights
There are four interior color combinations available including a Cocoa leather which has wooden accents that fans and fashionistas will love2013 Buick Enclaveb
The center stack has larger knobs in this remake
Connections to be proud of
IntelliLink infotainment setup is a great aspect of all Enclave versions that have been launched. From satellite radio with Bluetooth, audio streaming and MP3 playback, these are all parts of the entertainment package of the car. The app connections are good enough to wow friend and relatives. Overall, there are more reasons to love the new models. The exterior and the interior restyling and enhancement features make the car a perfect family car to own. If you have been in two minds whether to go for a new car or your favorite in a new dress, the latter would be a safer choice.