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Skoda Planning to End the RS Life

Volkswagen group had introduced many great models some of them stayed in the market for quite a long time while some where not much liked by the people. skoda_fabia However, overall, the brand has got a name, reputation and a good profit in the market and is one of the top are designing firm that offers amazing models to look for. Though the company has managed to be on the top, news has hit up recently that one of its competitor which is Skoda products are planning to switch off their popular models completely.
Why are Skoda Products in demand?
Skoda is one such brand which has been into the news form quite a long time for ups and down which the brand has been financing withe the introduction of certain models. Though the company has managed to give a tough competition to many other brands, but some of its version still needs improvement as they are not liked by the people.
RS version features to enjoy:
18“ Neptune wheels
Front mask with an RS logo
Fog lamps with the Corner function
2.0 TDI CR diesel engine with 167 hp
Bold headlamps with xenon units
LED lamps for daytime lighting
A new metallic paint
2.0 TS that delivers 197 hp
Skoda products have some of the exceptional models like RS version which has gained popularity amazing the people over the past few years. However, in spite of being on top, the news says that it’s going to be a history soon. RS version is one of the 4prformance based model from Skoda which has two models popular in the market one is Octavia RS and other is Fabia RS. In spite of being both these demands on a large scale, Skoda is planning to reduce its production and later end it completely. Skoda is focuses on introducing the Monte Carlo package while stopping the Fabia RS production entirely.

Have a look at the Styling Video of the Eye Headlamps of Buick Ventiports

Lincoln and Ford are one of the top brands in the automobile market. But there are few people who disagree that Lincoln is a luxury car. The comment has been also made by the head designer of Ford, J Mays. He has justified his statement by putting forward various reasons. J Mays

He has stated that the Lincoln always lacked a unique DNA that can set it apart from the other similar cars in the market. But the company has launched the all new MKZ which has laid a strong foundation towards change.
The company has also shoot video where Jim Haul has explained all the changes that have been made in the car. Not this he has also done a good job to spot out the factors that have influenced the styling changes in the model.
The car manufacturer has used various small products from Buick and Ventiports to distinguish their cars from the others while they are driven on the roads.
The same path has been also followed by another car manufacturing giant Chevrolet. Some of the simplest things have been fitted in the car to attract the people.

These days the competition among the car makers have increases so much that the companies have to introduce new models in the market every now and then. It is also necessary to keep on improving the existing models by making subtle changes in them. This will make the car interesting to the new drivers as well. According to Jim Haul it has become very important for the companies to create a unique model to make the brand popular among the people. This is the only way to compete with the others in the market. All these things have been clearly demonstrated in the video by the expert.