The Mansory’s Limited Edition Piece of Excellence

The Mansory’s Limited Edition Piece of Excellence: Mansory Bugatti Linea Veyron Vincero. One of the leading German auto tuning firms, along with Brabus, is the famed Mansory. Recently, Mansory has celebrated its centennial year in Geneva, wherein the affair was not only flooded with super cars, but also with other car tuners and enthusiasts. At the peak of their celebration, Mansory managed to come up with an enhanced version of the Bugatti Veyron, which they called the Linea Vincero. The enhancement includes the fascia in the front and side skirts, a modified hood that comes up shorter than its predecessor, a more spacious air outlet, brand new set of rollers specially designed and forged for this model, and running lights that are powered by LED which are also active in daytime. All these modifications are packed in an exterior that is truly commendable because of carbon fiber body panels and gold accents.

Under the hood, they tuned up the Masonry Veyron’s exhaust system as well as the injection system for cooler air. With the help of these two, the original engine of Bugatti Veyron, which can produce a whopping 1,001 bhp, is heightened up to 1,109 bhp.

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