The Fiery Blaze of Exterior Styling

Perhaps the most significant aspects of car tuning are to improve our upgrade the inside and/or the outside of the vehicle.  On most occasions, this is a good thing, but it can also backfire on others. Still, car tuning is now a growing branch of the automobile industry, and there many shops today that concentrate on the aspects of aesthetic and plush improvement.  For this owner, a thing or two about improving the exterior of his vehicle may help improve car performance, but it may also turn off other drivers.
The owner proudly drives the Dodge Rampage, a truck based on the design and performance of both the Dodge Omni and the Plymouth Horizon. The model lasted just two years due to criticism from motoring columnists and critics, but has become a hot collectors’ item for automobile aficionados. For this owner, he elected to make his vehicle more flamboyant and hot with numerous exterior enhancements.
The entire body of the vehicle was painted yellow, accented by painting a reddish orange flame representing fire. He also added steel mufflers below both the passenger and the driver doors. He also took out the hood and designed a bigger and more powerful engine, complete with a magnifier to help see the view of the road. Typical designs of the Dodge Rampage contain a truck bed behind it, but in this example, he added a gigantic spoiler to make it look like a sports car. The wheels and tires maintain its typical mini-truck look. The exterior alone appears to be a mutant version of a pick-up truck and a sports car.

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