The Fabulous Auto Exterior Styles of 2012.1

The car tuning industry is undoubtedly one of the quick growing industries in the world today.  Almost every year, more and more car tuning ideas are added in the master list. For the past years, recent development in the car tuning industry can be seen in the form of combination of technological advancement and driving comfort. In addition, almost all the luxurious car tuning kits such as the Lamborghini vertical doors before can now be reached by an average car tuner. As we speak, more and more innovation in car tuning is roaming all around the globe. In this year, 2012, another breakthrough has been made. And this time, the exterior styles of the cars are on the spotlight. Your car’s exterior will convey two things: your personality and lifestyle. That is why numerous car owners are dying to tune-up their ride’s body and exterior. This year, here are some of the fabulous auto exterior styles that caught the eye of car tuning fans and enthusiasts.

Deluxe Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. 
One Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG design caught the eyes of everyone who are present at the On Wheels Show at Dubai. It surely impresses every person in the show, for this car has a gold exterior tuning! The Mercedes C63 AMG car was made from exterior armor that was soaked in gold. Just imagine the price of that car was carrying. Numerous critics state that the price of that luxurious car will reach roughly five million US dollars. Now that’s a very deluxe exterior that you will surely wish to hold.

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