The Chrysler 300 at Present

The new Chrysler 300 is a 5-passenger sedan that can either be availed in an all-wheel or rear wheel form.  This particular type of car is specifically designed to attract the consumers’ desires in terms of cars with a little more of amazing personality compared to a regular sedan. It is also designed as an amazing alternative to European or Japanese luxury sedans. Basically, the mechanicals that are underlying in the Chrysler 300 are derived and based from the technology of Mercedes Benz. It’s also a sibling to the platform known from Charger and Dodge’s Challenger.
As for the styling, the Chrysler 300 is known to have an American style though it came with a dash of refinements after the introduction of the redesigned cars in 2011. Many of its parts gave it an amazing and superb looks on the road such as the bejeweled headlights, big chrome grilles, bulging fenders, high beltline, and large wheels.
The overall look of the Chrysler 300’s interior is considered to be something so simple yet so elegant. It is decked with high quality materials that are not only pleasing to the eyes but to the touch as well. Even the least expensive one comes with a very luxurious look.

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