The Beauty of Exterior Styling

It was not long after cars hit the market that people started tinkering with and improving its appearance. Early on, improvements were basically on the appearance of the cars, mostly to improve the look of used cars.  It was not long however before people learned that body tuning do wonders to the aerodynamic performance of the car, and today even new cars are body tuned by car enthusiasts. Exterior improvements saw the coming of chrome accessories, mirrors, alloy wheels, body kit and side skirts among others. Today, the introduction of new luxury and top performance cars are closely followed in the market by modification programs of the big names in the tuning industry.
The problem that confronts car owners is that once they started, they can sometimes get carried away and don’t know where they are going and when to stop. They really have no sense of purpose, no idea of what their car’s character would be. They may end putting on too much that the added weight adversely affects the car’s performance.
The safest way of styling your car would be to buy body kits and parts specific for your year, make and model from reputable car tuning manufacturers. The best body kits are made with a lot of fiberglass components. Fiberglass is lightweight, flexible, very strong, and cheap. A typical body kit would include bumper covers, hoods, spoilers, etc. Front spoilers are also called air dams, and reduce drag hence improves fuel economy. It used to be seen mostly in race and performance cars, but is now a common fixture in passenger cars as well. The downside is that you will have to look out for speed bumps.

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