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Gemballa’s new GT Aero updates for Porsche Cayenne 958

Gemballa Tuning Company enhances Porsche Cayenne 958 with its new updated GT Aero body package. The German tuning company has in the past years has modified fast and sports cars class with its GT Aero kit and this time, has bent their focus on Porsche Cayenne 958. The new Aero Kit is an extension of the GT Aero that saw its debut in the early part of 2012 as part of Gemballa’s commitment in producing new generations for its GT Aero kits.
The new GT Aero Kit is tuned to give sports and fast cars like Porsche Cayenne 958 more classy appearance enhancing luxurious appeal. The GT Aero Kit has a specific modular design adding new wheel arch extension and side sills downplaying its stance. It will have new front and rear bumper and the exhaust will have six outlets for its distinctive voice and in committing the car to breathe more easily. It will generally help engines 340hp and 400hp 3.8 liter to have less polluted exhumes making it more environment-friendlier. With these new features, Porsche Cayenne 958 is the car to watch for 2012 with its high value body styling.