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Gemballa’s new GT Aero updates for Porsche Cayenne 958

Gemballa announced that the new GT Aero body kit is available as a complete kit with users’ and installation manual. Past GT Aero kit customers however can upgrade their existing Gt Aero Kit and get the same elegance and class for their cars. Each kit comprises all carbon-fiber body components that are designed to fit original factory fitting modular. The kit is also designed to fit added components as they become available in the market.
Cars using the factory mounting cars have nothing to worry as the kit is designed to fit in this kind of installation condition with all straight swap components that fit exactly any original parts. Conversion is reversible and can easily switch back to the car’s original without difficulty. Another great feature is its 21-inch ultra light forged alloy wheels. It is an outstanding visual highlight for the modified cars.
Gemballa’s German-made kit is a popular car tuning and modification product that has earned its reputation for high quality product. The first GT Aero generations was widely recognized by car owners and this model received awards for car tuning and body styling. Gemballa has nationwide distribution that is now opening its door for car owners wanting to upgrade or use the new GT Aero body kit and turned their cars into the cars to beat on the road.