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Exterior Styling for Your Car

These days the people are carrying out a lot of experiments with the look of their car. This is mainly done by them to give a unique look to their car. They also want to have a personalized feeling while they are driving the car. A person can also become distinguished from the other people who are driving the same model by changing the looks of the exterior of the car. But one thing that should be always kept in the mind is that these exterior styling equipments are not available from the factory.

Some popular exterior styling accessories

The rims and tires of the car play a great role in enhancing the look of the car. The factory rims are not so attractive. Thus the owner of the car replaces them with more stylish ones. But one thing that should be taken care of is that the rim should match well with the body color of the vehicle.
Stickers have also become very famous among the car owners these days. There are many cool and funky stickers available in the market. If the graphics is chosen correctly then it can really change the outer look of the car.
Changing the windshield wipers can also give a great look to the car.

The person has to buy them by paying extra money after he has purchased the car. A lot of care must be taken at the time of choosing the external styling accessories for the car. If they are not chosen in the right manner it can readily degrade the look of the car. Changing the exterior looks of the car can attract the attention of the mass towards it.

Wonders of Exterior Styling Leading to a Perfect Change

Modifications in cars
Styling is one of the important objectives when it comes to evaluation of a car. Now days not only interior styling but exterior styling is also considered as a major step for modifying your car into a new look. It gives your car a very unique identity which proves that it has the best facilities compared to any other car we see in our day to day life.
Steps to start
For a complete and impressive look it is better you start styling your car from the engine till its body and color. The steps for exterior styling are as follows:
Heart of the car: The engine is the heart of the car. So, you can use a turbo charger which increases the amount of oxygen being sucked by air compression entering the engine.
Open Roof: It’s a really good idea to add a sun roof to the car in order to enjoy the superb sky view during late evening dates or a normal night drive. Being crazy and feeling the cool breeze is another add-on for a sun roof.
Doors need a change: Upgrade your car doors as well. Instead of those normal doors stock your door styles with a gull-wing or sliding styled doors. Provide an electronic opening system for the doors rather than those lock systems.
Color Change: Color is the most attractive thing for any customer. Always provide smooth and catchy colors which just catch the eye of your customers or anyone who stocks your car.
Body Features: A car’s body matters a lot as well along with its color. Change the bolts from the bumpers and grind them into smooth ones. Apart from that, also choose proper low-profile tyres which help in raising or lowering the cars instance.
Cars have their own identity. We need to style them externally and make them look the best. So, exterior styling does create a difference by attracting different people due to its looks.

Change The Styling Of Your Car With Exterior Styling Kits

People tend to get bored of the way their car looks after sometime or they may want their car to stand out in the crowd and be different to the other cars on the road.  Some people may want their cars to be an extension of themselves and therefore have something about them on the car. You can’t get this on the regular car models as they are mass manufactured and if you want personalized version you may have to shell out a lot of money. To help people who want their cars to look different they can go for exterior styling kits that will change the way their car looks from the outside.
Exterior Styling Kits
There are exterior styling kits that are available for almost every type of car model that is on the road. And the popular car models will have a lot more options for you to choose from as kits for the popular models are always on demand. An exterior styling lit will have designer bumpers, bonnets, side skirts, headlights, rear lights, air vents and spoilers and there are some kits where you get a lot more,. But they will be on the higher side of the price range. Most kits can be easily fitted on to your car as they are made specifically for the model and the whole process can be done in a few hours.
Customized Exterior Styling
There are car customization garages that will be able to customize your car according to your needs and budget and these modifications will be unique to your car. This is for people who don’t want to use styling kits that other cars may also have and want their car to be absolutely unique. Such customizations will take a longer time as the designing of the kit is done only after the car is received, but it will be worth the wait.

What Are The Different Products That You Can Change In Exterior Styling

There is a lot of planning that goes into the exterior styling of a car or any vehicle. The looks of a car are the first thing that will create an impression on the customer and it has to be something that will be able to attract the customer. The exterior design is not just for looks, but has some other functions too.  The exterior styling components can help in aerodynamics and also in depicting a particular theme in which the car is being designed. But after a while, you will feel bored with the exterior design of the car, but will like the way the car runs. In such circumstances, you can opt for a change in exterior styling by using accessories and new body parts.
What Are The Different Exterior Styling Products Available?
There are a lot of different products that can be used as exterior styling and they are available as a complete kit or as individual products.
There are kits that are available for specific models of car brands that will be easy to fix as it will be designed for the specific car model.
There are body styling kits that can be used and the kits will generally include a set of components for your specific vehicle.
The badges, bumper moldings, bumper vent covers, door handles, spoilers, front grills, fenders, fog lights, headlight covers (this article will help you to understand why you need headlight & taillight covers), hoods, hood vents, taillight kits, door kits, window visors are some of the commonly available exterior styling products that are available individually.
Exterior Styling And Performance
The performance of your vehicles can increase or decrease based on the exterior styling kit that you are going for. The exterior of any vehicle is designed with the aerodynamics also in mind, and therefore tweaking the body design can alter the aerodynamics of the vehicle. If the exterior styling kits are those that are done by leading exterior styling companies, then there is every chance of keeping the aerodynamic performance or maybe even increasing aerodynamic efficiency.

Exterior Styling Is One Of The Main USP’s For The Modern Day Speed Machines

It’s Not Always About Performance, The Looks Matter Too


Most people in the modern world have become extremely brand conscious. One of the main reasons is that the top brands promise great looks along with complete vehicle safety. Moreover, exterior styling has slowly become one of the main factors that influence the modern day car sales as well. The exterior styling section focuses on 3 cars which have pioneered the way a modern day car should look. These are the 2013 Toyota Furia, the 2013 Chevrolet Malibu and the 2013 Kia Sportage. All 3 models have been chosen from the mid ranged brackets and boast of looks to kill for. The modern day cars are not just about performance and interior comforts. Despite all the gadgetry, a with poor exteriors is frowned upon nowadays by the modern day consumer.


The 2013 Corolla Furia


Toyota has finally come up with great exteriors for its all new 2013 Corolla Furia after sticking to conventional looks for all these years. Set to be launched at the Detroit auto show, the 2013 Toyota Corolla Furia hints at the future of the exterior designs of Toyota cars. While, the fare is only 2 inches wider and longer than the present day Corolla, it looks like a piece from another planet. It boasts of an extremely massive 8 side grill, an amazingly designed body featuring narrow headlights, a shorter hood and vertical marker lights. The rear side looks equally sporty as well and boasts of arrow shaped LED taillights. Moreover, the newly styled swept back windshield, a beautifully sloping roof and redesigned fenders give the car an extremely aggressive look. Other elements expected to be added are 19 inch wheels, carbon fiber components and blackened grille.

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Different Ways of Car Exterior Styling

Have you ever heard of car styling? This simply entails the methods that are usually done to improve the looks and performance of a car. Through styling, the car is enhanced from the inside to the outside.

Car styling also entails two different ways and those ways are interior and exterior styling. The former speaks of the styling solutions that are incorporated inside the car while the latter tells something about the different enhancements that are usually done on the exterior part of the car.
There is a very common and simple way to keep the exterior of a car in good shape and that is keeping it always clean and well-polished.

The fact is there are several ways on how you can enhance or improve the looks and performance of a car. Moreover, when it comes to exterior styling, one should know the most effective ways to improve a car’s exterior styling.

For one, you can make use of an alloy wheel to make the car stands out among the other cars on the streets. Alloy wheels are also known as copycat wheels or wheel trims. They are basically incorporated on the wheels of a car to make it look admirably handsome and captivating on the road or at the car park. 

Finding someone who is an expert about alloy wheel services is the best key towards effective alloy wheel application on a car. A fitting service can help you achieve a better look of those alloy wheels applied on the wheels of your car.

If you’re thinking about wheel trims to boost the style of your car’s exterior, then this is an effective way for you to achieve an improved car exterior quality too. However, it is very important to take note of the size of the wheel trims you will be using. Again, an expert can help you about these car styling enhancers.

Checking about the size of your car is usually done through your car handbook. This will serve as your guide as to what sizes of trims you need for your auto wheels. Or, you can check the radius of your car wheel, which is usually imprinted on the rubber wheels.

If your car wheel has a radius of 15 inches, then you should also get wheel trims that are 15 inches in diameter. This way, the trim and the wheel will perfectly fit together, giving your car a more enhanced look.

Exterior Styling – Important Tips to Remember

These people are seasoned in their jobs and they have already earned a great deal of experience when it comes to car styling. With these people, you get the assurance that your safety and the people riding on your car will never be put to danger.

Now if you want to do the

styling and modification all by yourself, see to it first that you know much about car styling from the accessory’s weight to the right and proper ways of installing them in and on your car. Take note that when your car is poorly styles and modified, this will also cause another problem on your part because it will be a way hard for you to get your car insured.

You can go online and search for the best websites that offer the best accessories and parts that you will be using for your modification and styling solutions. In fact, finding the best sites is never difficult these days because there are many of them scattered on the internet today.
So working with an expert is still the best advice you need to follow when aiming to style or modify your car. Experts know everything from the simplest to the most complex aspects of enhancing your car’s looks and performance. With car styling experts, you and your car will simply never go wrong.

Exterior Styling – Important Tips to Remember

Before, exterior styling and modifying are commonly done to enhance the looks of pre-owned cars.  When a car gets damaged, exterior styling and modifying are also the methods used to hide the scars, the dents, the injuries which were obtained by the car.
As of these days, people now make use of car styling and modification to enhance the looks of their cars whether they are brands new, used, or whatsoever kind of car they have. The reduction of car prices has actually triggered the use of such methods. Car accessories, car parts, and other car enhancers are now sold at very affordable prices, too.

However, even when car styling and modification are deemed to be very affordable these days, there are styling solutions that can actually turn a car into a road nightmare. If you’re one among the lucky people who have just got their new cars and you want  enhance their looks and performance through car styling and modification, the first thing that you need to do is to find an expert tuner or a professional car stylist.

Exterior Styling Your Car

Many decades ago, car styling was done in an experimental fashion. But as years went by, more and more people have become interested in making it as their business. As a matter of fact, there are already thousands and thousands of car styling businesses that are found being offered on both online and offline shops these days.
The fact is that exterior and interior styling for cars and other forms of vehicles have become an extremely big business. Car manufacturers and dealers of car parts and accessories are the ones that made use of this as a form of business, which is now considered as a multi-million business.
Styling the exterior of your car is an essential thing to consider. With it, you will be very proud to drive your newly dressed car along the streets and for sure, you’ll be the envy of others.

Exterior Styling Your Car

With the present technology steadily going on the rise, car styling has been taken to another level these days.  The fact is that exterior has also gotten its way to refine its external looks than ever before. And what is really great is that doing the styling on your own is no longer difficult as the days before. Best selling accessories.
The fact is that exterior styling is simplified in a way that more and more styling kits for car exterior have been are being introduced in the market today. With these kits, the task of styling is rendered easily like eating a piece of cake. What is even more interesting is that these kits come along with easy to use and easy to understand instructions along with quick pieces of advice coming from the experts.
So if you have the plan of redesigning the outer parts of your car, availing any of the available exterior styling kits is the first thing you need to do. Whether it is a new car, a retro car, or any other types of car you have, styling it will definitely add its glamour and its wow factors, making you proud driving it on the streets.
Car styling particularly on its outer portions is simply found almost everywhere. You can have it done by an expert car designer or you can have it done by your own. The second option is better because this will cost you nothing in terms of labor fees. What you just need to spend is for buying the exterior styling kit and of course, a good ounce of love and labor doing the job on your own.