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Customized Cars

Car customization is something that has piqued the interest of car owners for a long time.  You may have experienced seeing a car on the road and thinking that you know that car but you can’t quite place it. That is the beauty of exterior car styling. These days, a lot of exterior changes have been made to cars. The car owners are able to retain the mechanical functions of the car that they like, but they are also able to customize it and make it a car that shows their personality. From the wheels to the paint, side mirrors and other accessories can be added to a car to make it fit into the owner’s preference. Car shows usually feature changes that have been made to these cars and they pave the way for other car owners to become creative with their own cars.

Recently, Mercedes put out a new car that had customized exteriors. The car was gold plated and estimated to cost at least 5 million American dollars. The car made its debut in a car show in Dubai along with other high end cars that have also made their exterior customizations. The Mercedes caught a lot of attention with its less than flashy exterior, the model of the car is actually the C63AMG so, if you are an avid fan of how this car runs and you’ve wanted to see it in a different light, then this might be the change that you are waiting for.