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Pebble Beach 2013 – Cadillac Concept Car – Elmiraj – the Next Ultra-Luxury Model

Cadillac picked the famous Pebble Beach to unveil the Elmiraj Concept The main reason behind it is that this annual event in the Monterey, California area is a mecca for affluent car lovers. This car follows the tracks of the Ciel Concept, the four door convertible that was revealed by Cadillac at Pebble Beach in 2011.
Elmiraj Concept shares the same length as Ciel at 205 inches and rides on 22 inch wheels. It is a two-door grand coupe powered by a 4.5-liter twin turbocharged V8 delivering an estimated 500 horsepower and has a rear wheel drive transmission.
The Elmiraj was designed at G.M.’s studio in North Hollywood, California under the direction of Frank Saucedo and later hand built by craftsmen in Michigan.
This car represents a superb mix of art and science with its delicately tapering body, low roof and excellent features.
The vertical headlights and tail lights represent Cadillac’s signature style. Both the vents in the car’s long hood are efficient and act as hot air outlets for the twin –turbo engine. It has aluminium wheels that are buoyed by ceramic brakes. The exterior is rich blue finish, and the grille accentuates the car’s extensive road presence.
The typical Cadillac crest appears in an intangible form and marks a new age of design achievement. This car’s style and design increase the brand’s commitment towards lightweight RWD performance.
Inside the Elmiraj presents a lavish cocktail of leather, wood and titanium. The upper part of the instrument panel is a long single piece and the lower serves as a space custom-made for performance. Exclusive Brazilian Rosewood has been hand-cut and used in the most exquisite way.
The car has a transparent analog tachometer and speedometer. Right behind that is a huge screen with high resolution display that shows all the information to the driver from the front mounted camera. It also has a 10 inch touch screen for connectivity and navigation that hides inside the instrument panel when not used.
The bucket seats automatically slides, front and the back again into position once the passenger is seated. The rear bucket seats incline too and provide added comfort.