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Exterior Styling Is One Of The Main USP’s For The Modern Day Speed Machines

The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu

The 2013 Chevrolet Malibu is another vehicle which delivers outstanding exterior looks along with quality performance and complete safety. It features great designs coupled with stunning styles. Moreover, the aerodynamics installed in the car are the best in the same class segment. Apart from being extremely stylish, the Malibu is very practical as well. It features huge swept back headlights, a great sculpted design for the hood, a widened track, a signature grille, 4 door practicality, 19 inch alloy wheels, a sporty look and a wider body. The car gives out a very sporty look due to its well defined and broad shoulders as well. Its features are further boosted by extremely distinctive 4 element tail lights as well. 

The 2013 Kia Sportage

The 2013 Kia Sportage is one of the premium models launched by the company and is amongst the first to transform the way a Kia car looks. The 2013 Kia features great styling, conveniently located 5 doors, power folding mirrors, sun visor extensions and LED accent lighting. The belt line is also extremely well complimented by a beautiful sloping roof which gives the car a very sleek appearance without reducing its masculine looks. 

Different Ways of Car Exterior Styling

Have you ever heard of car styling? This simply entails the methods that are usually done to improve the looks and performance of a car. Through styling, the car is enhanced from the inside to the outside.

Car styling also entails two different ways and those ways are interior and exterior styling. The former speaks of the styling solutions that are incorporated inside the car while the latter tells something about the different enhancements that are usually done on the exterior part of the car.
There is a very common and simple way to keep the exterior of a car in good shape and that is keeping it always clean and well-polished.

The fact is there are several ways on how you can enhance or improve the looks and performance of a car. Moreover, when it comes to exterior styling, one should know the most effective ways to improve a car’s exterior styling.

For one, you can make use of an alloy wheel to make the car stands out among the other cars on the streets. Alloy wheels are also known as copycat wheels or wheel trims. They are basically incorporated on the wheels of a car to make it look admirably handsome and captivating on the road or at the car park. 

Finding someone who is an expert about alloy wheel services is the best key towards effective alloy wheel application on a car. A fitting service can help you achieve a better look of those alloy wheels applied on the wheels of your car.

If you’re thinking about wheel trims to boost the style of your car’s exterior, then this is an effective way for you to achieve an improved car exterior quality too. However, it is very important to take note of the size of the wheel trims you will be using. Again, an expert can help you about these car styling enhancers.

Checking about the size of your car is usually done through your car handbook. This will serve as your guide as to what sizes of trims you need for your auto wheels. Or, you can check the radius of your car wheel, which is usually imprinted on the rubber wheels.

If your car wheel has a radius of 15 inches, then you should also get wheel trims that are 15 inches in diameter. This way, the trim and the wheel will perfectly fit together, giving your car a more enhanced look.

Ford ST Fiesta’s Aggressive Exterior Styling

Geneva Auto Show will soon be displaying Ford St Fiesta, which is carrying under its hood a 1.6 liter, and four-drive cylinder EcoBoost engine promising a maximum 20% Co2 emission. But that’s not what Ford fanatics are excited about but for its exterior that had undergone a more aggressive styling. 
While the hatchback small car is all eyes on its environmental credentials hoping to top buyer’s list for the coming years, St Fiesta is on the ground with its chassis and engine that Ford Motors had developed in Germany on the prestigious car plant of Nurburgring Nordschleife. Sneakers of the preview for the ST Fiesta have seen the cars’ upgrading starting from its chassis and while still being empowered by Ford’s Vectoring Control system. Ford has the car aided for that power on the road performance by infusing different settings for its stability control system.
But all would be a matter of duplicating Ford’s other road power if not Ford made an aggressive move for ST Fiesta exterior. Ford body styling kit is now composed of a fresh grille, a body color that matches the interior and those alloy wheels of large diameters. Its electric door system that is unique and never been seen has made ST Fiesta the answers to one of the biggest woes of parent drivers. The wide 1.5 meter allows wide access to the rear for getting children in and out of the car’s back seat.
St Fiesta dramatic body kit has side skirt that comes along with roof-mounted wing, twin exhaust pipes and rear diffuser. St Fiesta is all set to be labeled as one family star and all ready to get into production the second quarter of the year and reach dealers’ ground before the last quarter.
On the other hand SEAT TOLEDO concept design still remain unchanged and will still have that saloon-like look while maintaining the hatchback rear door of the 1991 original model.
Meanwhile small cars with futuristic concept will be seen by the general public when the 42nd Tokyo Motor show will open its door. A collection of futuristic concept cars is set to grab the limelight and the general view as seen by car critics and observers is “small is cool”. More and more automakers are cashing on small and compact cars to be the next future car.
Ford Motors is convinced that with ST Fiesta, the future of small cars will be welcomed by future drivers who love “cool” cars.

Exterior Styling

The latest surveys made on which among the biggest car manufacturers produce vehicles with the finest exterior styling revealed some surprising facts. The United States biggest vehicle valuation company Kelly Blue Book came up with the latest automotive research study results categorized on exterior styling.  
Japanese car manufacturing giant Nissan came out as the runaway leader on exceptional exterior styling with its sedans outclassing other Asian import bigwigs like Toyota and sales leader Honda. Honda, not totally ending as a loser, finished second while Toyota bagged the third spot. Despite its much publicized challenges, Ford Motor Company has been deemed as producing trucks with the best exterior craftsmanship. In fact, all top four brands in the best truck exterior styling category are home-grown brands with GMC running second, Chevy on the third spot, and Dodge placing fourth. The import Toyota dropped on the fifth place while Nissan ranked eighth and Honda after the tenth spot in the same grouping.
Imports made it on the top of exterior styling in four out of seven fields. For luxury sedans and SUVs, BMW ranked number one. More people voted for Mercedes Benz as having the most exquisite exterior design in the convertibles and sports car category. Lexus, Infiniti, and Porsche all ranked top spots as well.
According to Kelly Blue Book, the way a vehicle looks is one of the top deciding factors in the way the vehicle will fare in terms of sales and consumer perception. Exterior styling has always been a driving force in enticing people to choose the brand and make of the vehicle they would want to drive.  
In response to the public clamor on better exterior styling, Jaguar has come up with the XK Exterior Styling Pack. This additional Jaguar appearance enhancer has been available since 2007. Jaguar Design Director Ian Callum said that the enhancement package was released in order to “visually emphasize the stance and presence of the XK”. The styling pack includes new exhaust tailpipe finishers, upper and lower mesh grilles that are available in black or bright finishes, and rear and front valances. The Exterior Styling pack is designed to match all types of Jaguar colors.
As more and more augmentations and enrichments are being done by most car manufacturers to up their exterior designs, the battle for the best external look in cars has reached an all time high. Others have to watch out for the incoming new Hyundai exterior look which is far from the usual Korean design that we all know.