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Best Exterior Styling for Your Car

Modifying cars is by bulk all about exterior styling using car accessories and parts that are not part of the basic car setup when you originally buy it. Exterior styling transforms a basic car into something that is uniquely cool and impressive to look at.  Some of the items that usually form part of exterior styling include spoilers, massive rims, and wide body kits.
Nevertheless, car body moding or exterior styling is not all about wide body kits, shocking paint works, and huge spoilers. And although most car modifications entail heavy costs, there are accessories and parts that are still affordable as long as you know where to look. Some of the more in the pocket car modifications items are hoods or bonnets replacements, wing mirror replacements, wheel trims, neon lights, alloy wheels, sun strips, decals, and window tints. Other equally popular items include aerials; mud flaps grills, and angel eye projectors.
Other car enthusiasts put on car accessories to improve the look and feel of their car. For example, certain seat covers and steering wheel covers can turn your simple sedan into a more comfortable and luxurious-looking car. It is just a matter of knowing what matches your car and your own preferences as well. Car mats, although we step on them, can actually add to the consistency of your car’s design and they even come in various colors and sizes so you can really choose the right one for your vehicle. 
Exterior styling, on the other hand, requires more versatility because the exterior of the car is the first one that is seen. Neon lighting under the car would be a real head-turner especially if you love driving at night. You can even make the look of your car more interesting with some flashy stickers and fancy lighting.
The truth is, accessorizing the exterior of your car can be cheaper than you have ever imagined. It takes some piece of work but if you go online and search for the best and most appropriate exterior styling add-ons to your car, you would be sure to find some parts here and there that are amazingly inexpensive yet as good (sometimes even better) than the real thing. Read car accessories’ forums and check out where car styling experts get their stuff. You would be sure to read a thread about where to find cheap parts and accessories with the exact contact details and address.

How Far Can you Extend your Vehicle’s Exterior Styling?

Since the birth of cars have evolve from classy retro into high-class hybrid project, car enthusiasts are still craving for a sleek, elegant and premium designs that no other drivers can impersonate. Automobile styling is one of the fundamental features that describe the concept of the whole vehicle. It is also depicts that each exterior part plays an important role in giving the automobile a public figure. Car aerials, grilles, rear spoilers, caliper paint and body styling are major aspects of exterior while graphical logos, mud flaps and bumpers are optional components.

In general, car exterior styling differs in various car models. However, they each have their own fashion.  For instance, BMW has spectacular grilles that give that tough frontal look. In Chevrolet’s styling, it is too obvious to compare to other vehicles because of its chunky rear flanks. Notice how the cross logo divides the front grille as seen in SUV versions or Camaro perhaps. Amazingly, Ford design favored for its mustang attitude towards bonnet exterior that always put attention to its accent.

Styling your customized car exterior is something that you opt for an exclusive and distinctive look. Your perception of giving a jive to your pet garage has to be the best from the rest and the finest among other car models. If you are wondering why a simple motif can change the whole concept of the original blueprint, then it must be the selection that affects the overall characteristic. Thus, with the right exterior styling, you can impress many car fanatics and boost a new generation in the industry of automotive design. 

Due to the fast growing of exporting parts from different distributors and ingenious automobile mechanics and engineers to style up different approaches, here are a few highlights that work its way up the rank into the world of futuristic aesthetic styling:

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry for 2012 exteriors gave a blast through chromic highlights among the XLE and LE models. Its body style accentuates the color of Black Metal or Clear Blue that waves a welcoming trend to Toyota’s shade.  A practical way of tuning in into a dynamic figure is the front headlights which curve its way from the primary-beam unit to the bumper. The SE types feature a fine-mesh upper grille section on the front while the spoiler is attached at the trunk part. No wonder this vehicle is one of Toyota’s featured exterior designs.

The latest of Audi A3’s art is something to die for. The irresistible chic comprises of bi-xenon headlights equipped with LED daytime lamps and a dual exhaust outlets at its taillights. The expensive 17-inch alloy wheels will never displease you to drive the vehicle along the tracks. There are two new wheel designs that you can choose from. Impressed with the front view? Check out its tapered grille which gives a complete high profile appearance. If you opt for driving Audi, don’t hesitate to buy this one.