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Exterior Styling Can Do Wonders to Old Car Models

Buick Enclave comes back in the market
2013 Buick EnclaveChanges in the exterior styling can do wonders for a car. Take for instance the Buick Enclave. Even though it is built on the same GM Lambda design concept as the other three row crossovers like Chevrolet Traverse or the GMC Acadia, there have been more than 58000 units that have been sold in the last year. That indicates that the car has managed to carve out a niche for itself in its own segment. Thus, the case in point is that, if all good things are refreshed and provided with a fresh, new look, they will certainly be taken up again by renewed enthusiasm by fans old and new.
2012 New York auto show brought in 2013 Enclave
The Enclave’s success has been the prime reason due to which Buick has brought back the car model in the market. The exterior styling has been changed along with more details and material added for the new car owners’ delight. The essence of the old car remains intact. The similar features are:
The grille in front remains the most striking feature with black and chrome alternating pattern in the new car design
2013 Buick EnclaveaLower front fascia is of the same color as the body
Headlamps have been made more angular, leaner and longer
The HID lamps have been enhanced by the LED lights
The portholes which are a trademark of the Buick design have been moved to the car’s hood
Changes from the inside
When same car models are relaunched with changes in exterior and interior styling, they are usually made more luxurious and their striking features are enhanced along with comfort for the car fans to feel their love for the car strengthen. In the case of the Buick Enclave, the changes on the inside have been the following:
The inside of the car has an added luxurious feel made possible by the use of soft touch and high quality materials
Among the Lambda crossovers Buick Enclave had superior interiors and it continues to hold that position
Chrome accents and stitching details are evident on the interior
The LED ambient lighting brings out a blue theme coupled with the headlights
There are four interior color combinations available including a Cocoa leather which has wooden accents that fans and fashionistas will love2013 Buick Enclaveb
The center stack has larger knobs in this remake
Connections to be proud of
IntelliLink infotainment setup is a great aspect of all Enclave versions that have been launched. From satellite radio with Bluetooth, audio streaming and MP3 playback, these are all parts of the entertainment package of the car. The app connections are good enough to wow friend and relatives. Overall, there are more reasons to love the new models. The exterior and the interior restyling and enhancement features make the car a perfect family car to own. If you have been in two minds whether to go for a new car or your favorite in a new dress, the latter would be a safer choice.