KIA – The Used-to-Be Little Car

KIA Rio is getting its way out to the shell this 2012. The company that is producing Rio hatchback had made an expansion and recently launched its another Rio hatch three-door to join the five-door red hatch car which was already in the auto market worldwide.  
The Rio five-door red hatchback has made a positive remark, with this generating sales, KIA is again celebrating with its premiere of the Kia Rio 3-door. It carries the current B section model in order to catch the attention of customers who are new consumers of the Kia Rio brand and it is continuously hoping to soar high with its market sales after its recent introductory during the early months of 2012. The good news is, Kia had slashed its price range into estimate $15, 300 including on road charges and dealer fees as a way to sharpen the marketing strategy of the company brand towards tough competition of auto segment.
The three-door KIA Rio has similar essential dimensions like the first model five-door such as its height with 1,455 mm, length with 4,045 mm, its width of 1720 mm, and its wheelbase that has 2570 mm. Thus, Kia Rio’s new hatchback has retained a similar roofline, which is considered one of the ever-lowest types of KIA’s model range, keeping it more attractive and sporty look. 
While it is true that the new one goes alike with the 5-door Rio based on the equipments, power trains and selections, the newer model however proposes consumers an option of 4 extremely efficient 3 and 4 cylindrical engines amid power range of 75 up to 109 ps.
The most fast three-door KIA Rio will speed up to 62 mph (100 kph) within 11.5 sec and can enable to arrive at a highest speed of 114 mph (183 kph). If we speak of fuel expenditure, the three-door consumes on its lowest in liters with 3.2 every 88.2 mpg (100 kph) for the lately introduced model diesel eco-dynamics. For that reason, it will deliver a leading industry CO2 marking for merely an 85 g per km.
In order to make the most of the three doors Kia Rio’s prominent external look, KIA of course made the model available to prospects with more or less 10 different body colors such as black, white, signal red, bright silver, electronic blue, fresh beige, wendy brown, deep blue, caramel yellow and graphite. This is so to enhance the chic and refined character of the car.
With these amazing new structures of the new Rio model, KIA is very much confident that it can bag a huger share of the non-stop growth popularity of solid auto market.

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