Exterior Styling the Way it should be

Exterior styling is always a personal matter of taste and without professional assistance, one can end up with a not so modish type of vehicle, exactly the opposite of what he was set out to achieve. You can get a lot of tips if you read car enthusiast magazines and join various car shows and events. In fact, if you attend car circuit shows on a regular basis and establish a reputable personality, you will discover that a lot of car accessories companies who are also regulars in these car shows would be more than willing to advertise their exterior styling items by installing them on your car and even pay you for allowing them to use your car as an advertising platform. Others would offer you massive discounts on parts and accessories with the same adverting setup.
However, if you want to do it on your own, you have to first make sure that you already have a design and theme in mind. The act of exterior styling your car is just like decorating and painting the outside of your house – you need to, with great care, select your colors and add-ons making sure that they all blend and contrast perfectly with each other. Attention to minute details can spell the difference between a great-looking car and something that looks like it came out of the laundry room. Some of the more popular themes on exterior styling that you will see in car events are based on movies, sci-fi comic books, and superheroes. If you are choosing any of these, make sure that you apply the theme all the way down to almost every conceivable parts of your car like dashboard, stick shift, and other interior portions of the car for consistency.
Some car owners get their exterior styling, inspiration from the car racing industry applying the same colors, wheel styles, and spoilers as the ones used by their favorite car race drivers. However, whatever design floats your boat and even if you are using a theme that has already been used by someone else, it is always important to still maintain originality. But, how does one do that? Well, you have to learn how to modify the styling kits that you buy in order to come up with a totally singular look. There are plenty of ways to transform a kit into something that will lift your car appearance one level higher and you have to experiment on various design combinations to be able to see what matches and what does not.

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