Eastwood Automotive Paints & Tools

Eastwood automotive paintsEveryone has his own taste in everything, it is an axiom. Car owners are not an exception, that’s why a lot of them try to make their own vehicle unique and recognizable. The number of customization ways is really huge and the only limit is your imagination. Probably, the easiest way to change the look of your four-wheeled friend is to paint it in another color. Painting won’t change the body of your vehicle but the difference will be really noticeable. Soft classic color will make your vehicle more elegant and stylish and bright unusual one will provide a bold and eye-catching look to your pride and joy. A vast variety of colors allows you to show all your taste and imagination. Car painting is a simple thing that make serious changes.

Eastwood: More Than Paint

One of the most popular and recognizable name in automotive painting segment is Eastwood. Brand has more than 35 years of experience which allows Eastwood to be among the industry leaders. In 1997 company introduced its own innovative project HotCoat Powder Coating System. Powder coating is easy-to-use, economical and provide more attractive and durable effect that’s why it became an excellent alternative to paint and brought the international success and recognition to Eastwood. They call it “more than paint” inside the company.

Eastwood finishes

However, if you’re a conservative person or just don’t like the powder, you’ll be pleased to know that Eastwood produce a vast array of automotive paints which have incredible quality, remarkable durability and resistance. Permanent improving of the technology and tools of powder and paint production coupled with its wide experience allows Eastwood to stay among the leaders for such a long time. It is easy to make your daily driving brighter with Eastwood paints and powders!

Eastwood at CARiD

It is worth noting that Eastwood’s lineup includes a number of other products such as tools, fluids, oils, lubricants, shop supplies and consumables and the list is not over. If you need to find any of upscale Eastwood products turn to the digital store CARiD. There you will find a comprehensive collection of company’s paints and other products for really reasonable prices.

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