Consumer Reports Not Happy with Infotainment Woes

Yes! The recent survey made on the consumer reports have stated that the infotainment systems that have been currently designed are not so satisfactory. The problem seems to be worst for the fact that the usability is not stable. Besides, the reports have also stated that the lack of potential use made by the customers was unsatisfactory.
The current Report stated
The reliability survey which was made on the customers stated that the young group of members faced more complaints as compared to the senior citizens or the old users. The problem is old users did not perform in-depth tasks which were upgraded in the application. Looking at the improvement in the technology, the product still failed in the market as the users could not use it as expected by the manufacturer.
The common problems found
The touch usability
Low resposnse
My Ford/My Lincoln Touch
Honda’s new split-screen system
Some Positive aspects
However, there are few positive signs that were given for the infotainment systems which made it possible for the product to stay for quite a long time in the market. The brands like BMW< AUDI and Lexus were quite compatible with the use of this technology. However, the claim states that the technology of Chevrolet MyLink is almost same to this technology.
Though the Chrysler U connect system may have few or more complaints, but it seems that the product will overcome all the issues and stand on the top in the market. It is one helpful piece which comes with so many features right form road direction till engine check which makes it more like a user friendly device. You can also make a call and connect to some of the best applications which would make your driving much safer.
Though consumer reports are not so positive about this technology, it is expected to give the best of the results soon.

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