C-Elysee WTCC Design Sketches Revealed by Citroen

A great announcement has been made by Citroen. It would be taking part in the World Touring Car Championship that is going to be held next year.  The car they will be using is the all new C-Elysee WTTC. This car will come in front of the public for the first time in the International Motor Show that is going to be held at Frankfurt. September has been chosen for the event.

Some exciting features of the car

The C-Elysee has all the features that a modern sedan must have. It has been designed keeping in mind the rapidly growing international automobile market. According to the authorities of the company it is going to sell well in countries like China and Russia. Latin America and the Mediterranean region have been also kept in the list of target markets.

The car has a three box saloon body. This makes it a great choice in terms of aerodynamics.
As this is the first ever racing car by the company the various components of the car have been installed in an easy way.
The wheels have a diameter of 18 inches.
The car also has a front bumper. An aerodynamic splitter has been also integrated to add to the power of the car.

Citroen has also revealed the sketches of the car just one month after the announcement has been made. Sebastien Loeb will be driving the C-Elysee WTCC in the circuits of the World Touring Car Championship. The most exciting feature of the car is that it is the very first model that is going to be built keeping in mind the regulations that have been laid down by FIA. The original model of the car was brought in front of the public in the Paris Show that was held last year. At that very event it was announced that Citroen will be taking part in the 2014 edition of the World Touring Championship. It also have 1.6 turbocharged engine to provide the expected racing feel.

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