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Fiat – Prepared to Face the Future Challenges

Fiat is one company that is continuously working to get future ready. The company first launched an educational program named “Fiat Likes U” in 2012 along with an innovative car sharing scheme. This program was launched in collaboration with about 8 Italian Universities and was a great success indeed. The company has now come up with another program that will be extended to entire Europe. In this program, Fiat is forming 14 teams of average five students from various genres to undertake the designing task of Fiat 500 and Fiat Panda. These designs will be mainly targeted for the cars to be launched in 2020.
These cars are already doing well in the market with the current specifications as well. The current features of both these cars are given here and the car enthusiasts can expect much better than this in 2020 with these special efforts from Fiat.
Fiat 500
Fiat 500 has already made its impact felt in 2013. The hatchback car comes in the electric model as well. The car has been improved and loaded with more features in 2013 to woo the customers globally. This 5 speed manual transmission car offers the fuel economy of 31/40 mpg. The 4 seater car is comfortable for longer drives with its fuel tank capacity of 10.5 gal. This 1.4 L engine equipped car offers the horsepower of [email protected] 6500 rpm with the torque of 98 [email protected] 4000 rpm. The split folding rear seat and the adjustable height front seat are amongst other features that make this car a hit amongst the small car segment.
Fiat Panda
Another good car by Fiat, and much compared with Fiat 500 is the new Fiat Panda. This 5 speed manual transmission car can also be considered to experience the change from those typical designs.