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Ford Unveils the New Emergency Technology Support in China

Emergency Support: Ford China
2012 Ford KugaIt all began with Ford Kuga, a China born car. This system has now moved on to all the Ford cars. Ford has decided to make the emergency support technology an inherent part of all its cars. This technology is going to be a part of the Ford Sync system. This means that it would become an obvious technology very soon. The need for emergency assistance is to avoid any sort of accidents. This would be one of the beneficial and most valued technological assistance ever provided within the cars.
The Features within Emergency Assistance
The emergency systems in the Ford cars are well equipped with all the facilities that would be needed in case of emergency. 2012 Ford Kuga2 With the Ford Mondeo, a few more features would be inserted that were not present in the Ford Kuga.
The technology for emergency in these cars would contain an emergency location screen. This would give out information about your location during an emergency call you place. Also, a list of contacts would appear when you wish to place the emergency call.
With this assistance, you can locate any Ford vehicle. The reason being that this emergency system is connected to the GPS unit of the car.
In case of a crash, the assistance technology would contact the call centre and report the crash at the earliest.
You can make the call using your own mobile phone as it is synced with the emergency unit. The call charges would be similar to what occurs on your mobile phone. So, you don’t need to worry about extra charges.
So, with emergency unit becoming synonymous with Ford cars, it is time other cars took notice of this niche need. Emergency is that one insight that people are worried about and wish to avoid.


Change The Styling Of Your Car With Exterior Styling Kits

People tend to get bored of the way their car looks after sometime or they may want their car to stand out in the crowd and be different to the other cars on the road.  Some people may want their cars to be an extension of themselves and therefore have something about them on the car. You can’t get this on the regular car models as they are mass manufactured and if you want personalized version you may have to shell out a lot of money. To help people who want their cars to look different they can go for exterior styling kits that will change the way their car looks from the outside.
Exterior Styling Kits
There are exterior styling kits that are available for almost every type of car model that is on the road. And the popular car models will have a lot more options for you to choose from as kits for the popular models are always on demand. An exterior styling lit will have designer bumpers, bonnets, side skirts, headlights, rear lights, air vents and spoilers and there are some kits where you get a lot more,. But they will be on the higher side of the price range. Most kits can be easily fitted on to your car as they are made specifically for the model and the whole process can be done in a few hours.
Customized Exterior Styling
There are car customization garages that will be able to customize your car according to your needs and budget and these modifications will be unique to your car. This is for people who don’t want to use styling kits that other cars may also have and want their car to be absolutely unique. Such customizations will take a longer time as the designing of the kit is done only after the car is received, but it will be worth the wait.