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Exterior Styling the Way it should be

Exterior styling is always a personal matter of taste and without professional assistance, one can end up with a not so modish type of vehicle, exactly the opposite of what he was set out to achieve. You can get a lot of tips if you read car enthusiast magazines and join various car shows and events. In fact, if you attend car circuit shows on a regular basis and establish a reputable personality, you will discover that a lot of car accessories companies who are also regulars in these car shows would be more than willing to advertise their exterior styling items by installing them on your car and even pay you for allowing them to use your car as an advertising platform. Others would offer you massive discounts on parts and accessories with the same adverting setup.
However, if you want to do it on your own, you have to first make sure that you already have a design and theme in mind. The act of exterior styling your car is just like decorating and painting the outside of your house – you need to, with great care, select your colors and add-ons making sure that they all blend and contrast perfectly with each other. Attention to minute details can spell the difference between a great-looking car and something that looks like it came out of the laundry room. Some of the more popular themes on exterior styling that you will see in car events are based on movies, sci-fi comic books, and superheroes. If you are choosing any of these, make sure that you apply the theme all the way down to almost every conceivable parts of your car like dashboard, stick shift, and other interior portions of the car for consistency.
Some car owners get their exterior styling, inspiration from the car racing industry applying the same colors, wheel styles, and spoilers as the ones used by their favorite car race drivers. However, whatever design floats your boat and even if you are using a theme that has already been used by someone else, it is always important to still maintain originality. But, how does one do that? Well, you have to learn how to modify the styling kits that you buy in order to come up with a totally singular look. There are plenty of ways to transform a kit into something that will lift your car appearance one level higher and you have to experiment on various design combinations to be able to see what matches and what does not.

What’s in BMW 18 Concept Spyder?

At first glance, the sport car is all-handsome, but in a deeper look, it will reveal a total awesome sports car. With a great combination of technology,  interior  and exterior  designs, aerodynamics and great sense of mobility, BMW 18 concept Spyder has produced not only a performance car but also superiority in its aesthetic charms. 

BMW alluring features start with its upward-swiveling and windowless door and then matched with a range of purpose-oriented dashboard and a transparent tailgate where an electric kickboard is tactically deposited. The sports car is powered by e-drive drivetrain with high performing electric motor and an engine for petrol combustion efficiency. Its modular lightweight construction makes the sport car an innovation using LifeDrive architecture, which uses high-tech materials with high level of quality. Inside the car, an overflowing air of awesomeness does not erase the car’s sportiness but rather enhance its being a sporty car. The exterior reveals dynamic paintworks, which makes the car, attained its distinctive appeal.

Because it BMW 18 concept Spyder is built with LifeDrive architecture, it’s a fusion of independent functional units with Life modular that gives the car its super lightweight passenger cell while the other functional features brings all together its driving functions with features such as the power train and the chassis complete with all the safety structures. Its lightweight -built modules correspond to the car’s goal of eliminating additional weight on conceptual hybrid cars. It has a front and rear axle that is connected to a tunnel where the hybrid battery is tucked. The goal here is to give the car a low gravity resulting to what car engineers called as ideal balance. 

BMW 18 Spyder has headlights that uses the latest laser technology and emphasizes BMW’s U-shaped design template; a defining elements that has always been visible in BMW’ cars. The semi-transparent “V” spreads out towards the windscreen and directs the eyes to the electric motor mounted below. It’s an open top two-seater that makes the car more dynamic in design. The two section folding roof on the other hand comes in handy in times of unfavorable weather. The doors open by means of pivoting forward around its A-pillar axis enhancing BMW famous impact. The BMW silhouette gives the impression the car is carved from a single mould thus giving its ultra sleekness appeal.

BMW 18 concept Spyder is capturing not only the imagination but as well as the enthusiasm of luxury and sport car buyers. With more innovation and dynamic concept coming its way, BMW is definitely more steps forward in luxury car sales race.

Best Exterior Styling for Your Car

Modifying cars is by bulk all about exterior styling using car accessories and parts that are not part of the basic car setup when you originally buy it. Exterior styling transforms a basic car into something that is uniquely cool and impressive to look at.  Some of the items that usually form part of exterior styling include spoilers, massive rims, and wide body kits.
Nevertheless, car body moding or exterior styling is not all about wide body kits, shocking paint works, and huge spoilers. And although most car modifications entail heavy costs, there are accessories and parts that are still affordable as long as you know where to look. Some of the more in the pocket car modifications items are hoods or bonnets replacements, wing mirror replacements, wheel trims, neon lights, alloy wheels, sun strips, decals, and window tints. Other equally popular items include aerials; mud flaps grills, and angel eye projectors.
Other car enthusiasts put on car accessories to improve the look and feel of their car. For example, certain seat covers and steering wheel covers can turn your simple sedan into a more comfortable and luxurious-looking car. It is just a matter of knowing what matches your car and your own preferences as well. Car mats, although we step on them, can actually add to the consistency of your car’s design and they even come in various colors and sizes so you can really choose the right one for your vehicle. 
Exterior styling, on the other hand, requires more versatility because the exterior of the car is the first one that is seen. Neon lighting under the car would be a real head-turner especially if you love driving at night. You can even make the look of your car more interesting with some flashy stickers and fancy lighting.
The truth is, accessorizing the exterior of your car can be cheaper than you have ever imagined. It takes some piece of work but if you go online and search for the best and most appropriate exterior styling add-ons to your car, you would be sure to find some parts here and there that are amazingly inexpensive yet as good (sometimes even better) than the real thing. Read car accessories’ forums and check out where car styling experts get their stuff. You would be sure to read a thread about where to find cheap parts and accessories with the exact contact details and address.