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Trending Your Car the Way you Want it

Many car graphic designers are available on the market today but finding the right one can be a bit confusing especially when it comes to prices and quality of the products and services they offer. What more if all of the car graphic designers claim that they are the best among the rest? This could mean a great conflict in your aim to enhance your car with the perfect car graphics.
Going online in search for the right car graphic designer is indeed one of the surefire ways to avail high quality car graphic products and designers as well. Through online searching, you’ll be able to shop around and compare without the fuss. For example, Site A offers high quality graphics but are sold at very high prices while site B offers its products at low, low prices but are of poor quality. On the other hand, Site C offers affordable yet high quality products. Obviously, anyone would go for Site C, right?
Enhancing the looks of your car with car graphics is as important as dressing yourself. Your car serves as your everyday companion wherever you go, and no matter how great looking you are, coming out of your car when your car doesn’t have the right graphics, you will only make onlookers raise their brows on you. So, your car looks should perfectly jive well with you as the owner
At Az Auto Graphics, you will get both offers like site C does – high quality and affordable graphics for all auto types. Their products comprise of custom vinyl graphics, which are highly intended for vehicles. Their designs are of a variety from flames, tribal designs, flags, signs, banners, and combo kits. Converting your car.
You will also get the assurance that anything you get from them for your car’s side designs is unique and are originally made by them. Az also offers the widest selections of designs to at affordable prices, which can be competed, to the other car graphic providers out there in the market today.
Since the designs can be customized, you can have the option to send your concept designs and Az will do it for you. And here’s more: if you see a particular design from another site and you like it that much but can’t afford it, simply send the image of that design to Az and they will assure you that they can beat their price.

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Converting Your Car into a Single Wiper

I have seen most cars with two wipers on their windshield. I said almost because not all cars have these two pairs, most sports and rally car owners that I know like having just one wiper on their vehicles. Of course their cars came with two original blades but they preferred to modify the look of their autos and that includes removing one wiper and leaving just the other pair. The remaining wiper will then be placed in the center to cover most of the windshield.  
Having only one car wiper is becoming popular today, more and more sports tuning enthusiast switch to this style because they find having just one blade more comfortable in the racetrack. However, no matter how cool it is, having only one wiper also entails some disadvantages to the driver.
One of the simplest but most important drawbacks with having one wiper is the fact that single wiper covers limited area therefore the top portion of your screen will probably be left un-wiped. In addition, since the wiper was placed in the center you can’t leave the wiper upright when driving because it will obscure your vision.
Converting your car into single wiper works best if you fancy the look of sporty cars. There are many tuning shops that could easily do the conversion in a short while; all you have to do is ask. However, if you think you can do the job on your own then perhaps the following tips will help you finish the conversion more professionally.
Prepare the things you need. When converting into single wiper make sure you have these things on hand – longer wiper arms and blades, motor for the wiper, and other mechanism to connect the motor and the arms. Since you car will only use one wiper make sure you have a good mechanism that could sweep in full 180 degrees to make the job easy.
Work carefully. When removing and fitting the wiper make sure you display a cool, professional attitude. Never force the fitting and carefully observe how the sweep goes, make sure your wiper will not cut and dent the windshield to keep from scratching the film.
When you remove one of the wipers the hole will be left empty leaving you with ugly markings on your car, have it gone by filling the hole and spray-painting that part to keep the body looking flawless and stunning. If you can’t do the job properly bring your car to an expert, lots of auto shops do conversion without any fuss, of course it will cost you a bit more compare to converting it yourself but the result will be worth it since they work on knowledge and experience.

Ford ST Fiesta’s Aggressive Exterior Styling

Geneva Auto Show will soon be displaying Ford St Fiesta, which is carrying under its hood a 1.6 liter, and four-drive cylinder EcoBoost engine promising a maximum 20% Co2 emission. But that’s not what Ford fanatics are excited about but for its exterior that had undergone a more aggressive styling. 
While the hatchback small car is all eyes on its environmental credentials hoping to top buyer’s list for the coming years, St Fiesta is on the ground with its chassis and engine that Ford Motors had developed in Germany on the prestigious car plant of Nurburgring Nordschleife. Sneakers of the preview for the ST Fiesta have seen the cars’ upgrading starting from its chassis and while still being empowered by Ford’s Vectoring Control system. Ford has the car aided for that power on the road performance by infusing different settings for its stability control system.
But all would be a matter of duplicating Ford’s other road power if not Ford made an aggressive move for ST Fiesta exterior. Ford body styling kit is now composed of a fresh grille, a body color that matches the interior and those alloy wheels of large diameters. Its electric door system that is unique and never been seen has made ST Fiesta the answers to one of the biggest woes of parent drivers. The wide 1.5 meter allows wide access to the rear for getting children in and out of the car’s back seat.
St Fiesta dramatic body kit has side skirt that comes along with roof-mounted wing, twin exhaust pipes and rear diffuser. St Fiesta is all set to be labeled as one family star and all ready to get into production the second quarter of the year and reach dealers’ ground before the last quarter.
On the other hand SEAT TOLEDO concept design still remain unchanged and will still have that saloon-like look while maintaining the hatchback rear door of the 1991 original model.
Meanwhile small cars with futuristic concept will be seen by the general public when the 42nd Tokyo Motor show will open its door. A collection of futuristic concept cars is set to grab the limelight and the general view as seen by car critics and observers is “small is cool”. More and more automakers are cashing on small and compact cars to be the next future car.
Ford Motors is convinced that with ST Fiesta, the future of small cars will be welcomed by future drivers who love “cool” cars.

How Far Can you Extend your Vehicle’s Exterior Styling?

Since the birth of cars have evolve from classy retro into high-class hybrid project, car enthusiasts are still craving for a sleek, elegant and premium designs that no other drivers can impersonate. Automobile styling is one of the fundamental features that describe the concept of the whole vehicle. It is also depicts that each exterior part plays an important role in giving the automobile a public figure. Car aerials, grilles, rear spoilers, caliper paint and body styling are major aspects of exterior while graphical logos, mud flaps and bumpers are optional components.

In general, car exterior styling differs in various car models. However, they each have their own fashion.  For instance, BMW has spectacular grilles that give that tough frontal look. In Chevrolet’s styling, it is too obvious to compare to other vehicles because of its chunky rear flanks. Notice how the cross logo divides the front grille as seen in SUV versions or Camaro perhaps. Amazingly, Ford design favored for its mustang attitude towards bonnet exterior that always put attention to its accent.

Styling your customized car exterior is something that you opt for an exclusive and distinctive look. Your perception of giving a jive to your pet garage has to be the best from the rest and the finest among other car models. If you are wondering why a simple motif can change the whole concept of the original blueprint, then it must be the selection that affects the overall characteristic. Thus, with the right exterior styling, you can impress many car fanatics and boost a new generation in the industry of automotive design. 

Due to the fast growing of exporting parts from different distributors and ingenious automobile mechanics and engineers to style up different approaches, here are a few highlights that work its way up the rank into the world of futuristic aesthetic styling:

2012 Toyota Camry Hybrid

The Toyota Camry for 2012 exteriors gave a blast through chromic highlights among the XLE and LE models. Its body style accentuates the color of Black Metal or Clear Blue that waves a welcoming trend to Toyota’s shade.  A practical way of tuning in into a dynamic figure is the front headlights which curve its way from the primary-beam unit to the bumper. The SE types feature a fine-mesh upper grille section on the front while the spoiler is attached at the trunk part. No wonder this vehicle is one of Toyota’s featured exterior designs.

The latest of Audi A3’s art is something to die for. The irresistible chic comprises of bi-xenon headlights equipped with LED daytime lamps and a dual exhaust outlets at its taillights. The expensive 17-inch alloy wheels will never displease you to drive the vehicle along the tracks. There are two new wheel designs that you can choose from. Impressed with the front view? Check out its tapered grille which gives a complete high profile appearance. If you opt for driving Audi, don’t hesitate to buy this one.