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Exterior Styling

In this page, we are going to highlight some of the best modified cars with the most excellent exterior styling and other cool features as well.
One of the most fascinating modified cars this year is the 2012 Brabus SLS AMG Roadster. Aside from being an extreme sports car, the AMG Roadster is complete with carbon fiber body kit that is perfectly designed to improve its performance and aerodynamics.  It has one of the most unique exterior styling with a very glossy finish designed by the tuning experts from Brabus. In front of the sports car, you will see the spoiler that is being attached to the bumper. Other great features include a rear kit, side air vents, rear spoilers and diffusers, a blue backlit BRABUS lettering that automatically activates when the door is unlocked.
Take a glance at the Mercedes-Benz ML63AMG Widestar powered by the tuning genius BRABUS. It is fully-equipped with the so-called ML WIDESTAR package that includes features like rocker panels, door trim, a new front and rear apron, and a new front and rear fender flares as well. It is also modified with monoblock light alloy wheels. The overall exterior styling is truly exceptional and remarkable.
The 2012 CLS550 has one of the most distinct exterior styling feature courtesy of Mercedes. It has a muscular look with a unique sleekness from the outside. Mercedes is setting a new trend with its traditional upscale luxury car market with the introduction of this new model. It provides a better fuel efficiency with the reduction of significant emissions.
The biggest announcement by the world’s top tuning company called Mansory is the release of the 2012 Bentley Continental GT. It has a lot of modification and upgrades including the addition of a new rear diffuser, new carbon fiber bonnet, spoiler-lip, redesigned aprons, new side-skirts, as well as its front tender, and the upgraded rims with new alloys. The performance upgrades for the new model includes sports air-filter, a reprogrammed management system, as well as the upgrade on the sports exhaust system.
Lastly, one of the latest releases in the market that everyone has been talking about is the Mansory 2012 Porsche Panamera. It has an exterior color called Carrara White and has a lot of unique upgrades. The full body kit includes front spoiler with LED light, carbon fiber sheet, primed carbon fiber, a 3 part air intake grille, sport-exhaust muffler, and all other Mansory upgrades.
Expect many car releases this year from the world’s leading tuning companies.

Wacky Car Graphics To Motoscape Rally

When the women from Winsor decided to join the Motoscape Banger Rally they commissioned The Signs Express, UK”s leading company for car graphics and vehicles wraps and the partnership resulted to the women driving for the Motorscape Banger Rally a cab black covered with customized car graphics fitted and printed by the Signs Express. 
The Sign Express expert team decided to work on having the famous Wacky race lettering on the cab highlighting the Arthur’s Ant Hill Mob for the three lady drivers and finished the job eventually for their 8 days arrival journey via Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Lichtenstein, Slovenia and through the Czech Rep.
Sign Express disclosed that the project was certainly a fun and Sign Express’s owner Richard Brown said that the company takes great boast in working on the project using and applying all of their products and services.  He shared that the project requires delicate precision and care to deliver a flawless overall appearance and he was happy that Sign Express was able to make an outstanding finish.
The three ladies are attending the Motorscape Banger rally; a group drives through the scenic and enchanting European roads. The participants are required to purchase a car not more than 333 pounds or get one that’s older than 20 years old and must accessorize it into a cool and eye-catching work of art. All participants ride and drive a masterpiece.
The three female drivers will drive their masterpiece wacky car to raise funds for a local children’s charity, The Alexander Devine Children’s Hospice. 
On the other hand, Sign Express has commented on Signs Express Central Lancashire in Preston for its success in promoting and expansion program for its employees despite the current tight economy and difficult financial climate. This is a commitment of the company according to Alan Parkinson, managing director of the franchise to recognize and boosts employees’ performance to bring more commercial gain to the company and the public.
Parkinson added that the promotion and employees expansion is the key in keeping their most trusted and reliable staff who may be tempted to seek other jobs to climb the career ladder. Sign Express is confident that with loyal, enthusiastic and determined staff, their goal to be among the top sign companies in the north-west can be easily achieved.
Sign Express is also happy to announce that Black pool and Blackburn will be part of the services the company will be offering to its valued customers. Sign Express is also expanding its services for car graphics and wraps to give their customers the latest tool and technology in Vehicle wraps.

Pimping your Ride

Car accessories, car tuning, high-end upgrades and performance parts are complex by nature yet it defies the stature of a vehicular brand. With hundreds of car brands sold worldwide, several models are introduced into the automobile world of racing. From retailers searching for imported car accessories and parts to assembling in a major automobile plant, the market continues to be as aggressive as the other contenders are in order to reach the right price. 

It is almost inevitable but owning a personal car is something that is worth an investment nowadays. Though most parts are purchased at a pricey rate, you are sure that it is authentic as they are.

Car styling is coming close as a trend customizing not just the basic components of the interior and exterior rim, but also molding the ride into something that drag racers can look forward to. What’s more amazing is that car entertainment is reaching the media to obstinate the importance of the automobile industry. If big bikes are possible to shift an old junkie to the latest body panels, then cars would improve even better with more constituents and alternatives.

Brabus and AMG from Mercedes car tune ups or BMW 3, 5 and 7 series are marked as one the largest selections and collections of interior and exterior. However, most car enthusiasts suggest improving the exterior than the interior case of a car. Body paints, grills, spoilers, alloy wheels and aerials are common styling parts of the exterior plane.  Since the general performance of a model will depend mainly in the interior aspect of a vehicle, drivers should be wise enough to choose the best engine that enhances horsepower ability.

Installing accessories and other parts can be quite a challenged to car drivers. The concern arises from selecting a lighter and durable material yet the consequent outcome outweighs merely in the essence of the price. Fortunately, car drivers may not need expensive modifications unless they aim for a less maintenance. Relatively, service centers are set up in every city to give drivers a checklist to buckle up some parts or you could browse the internet or consult your peers for some advices about customizing your car crib.

A lot would dream of owning a Gran Turismo cars or the latest sci-fi vehicle, however, if you practically knew the possibilities of racing, tuning the design would take time to render the overall performance. Whether original supplies are purchased online or getting a low-cost product does not make any difference at all as long as you keep the ratings standardize.

BMW Plans of Adding X4 Model and Expand South Carolina Plant with $900 Million Investment

Of the many car manufacturing companies all over the world, United States has a particular brand name for car that it really likes and that is BMW. As a matter of fact, BMW is touted as the top selling brand for luxury cars in the country. In account to this reality, the United States has taken its toll in investing nine hundred million dollars for the expansion of BMW plant, which is situated in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is expected that with the so-called expansion that will take place on the next 3 years, this will surely create 300 available jobs for the citizens of America. 

What is really staggering is that the plant that will soon to expand in the next 3 years is expected to produce over three hundred fifty thousand vehicles every year! This is really a big news for all South Carolinians and all American citizens who are following the steps and shadows of the world renowned BMW. In fact, many Americans particularly the BMW fanatics felt the intense heat of the news when the production chief of BMW, Frank Peter Arndt made the prestigious announcement.

The upcoming operation of the soon to be well-expanded plant in South Carolina is expected to produce the famous and well-sought BMW X3, X5, and the X6 SUV Series. This is going to be a great treat for all the American settlers in South Carolina and its neighboring states as well.
With the plan being declared recently, BMW has also announced that it will add another model to its X SUV Series and this is the X4.

According to Arndt, the development of the X4 model is in account to the increasing demands of BMW X car models in all places of the world. Adding X4 into the family of BMW X models will definitely become a hit for many car fanatics out there.

The X4 is going to be the fifth X model of the BMW X SUV Series. According to Norbert Reithofer, a CEO the X4 is going to fill the gaps between the X3 models and the X6 models. It is also said that seventy percent of the cars produced in Spartanburg will be exported.

Recently, the German auto producer has held a specific ceremony that marks the creation of BMW’s two millionth unit at the plant, which opened some time in 1994.

Vinyl Killers

Vinyl Killers

Rare car accessory can compete custom stickers or vinyl car graphics to decorate your dream car: sedan, truck or SUV. Automotive graphics is widely spread on the aftermarket and every car owner can spend days or even weeks, choosing vinyl decals that will suit one’s ride, expressing one’s creativity and personality. From the great variety of different vinyl graphic styles and designs to colors and fonts, you have almost endless possibilities when it occurs vinyl car graphics. You will definitely be surprised from the numerous designs of car graphics that starts from simple vinyl lettering and vinyl stripes to perfectly finished and digitally printed car wallpapers.

Tastes differ depending on age, gender and other factors. Vinyl graphics for cars has wonderful solutions for all groups of customers. Most females will be happy from beautiful shapes such as insect stickers, flower decals, landscapes and animals on their automobiles. Males like to decorate their rides with more ruff and extreme designs like flame and racing theme decals or hunting style decals. Teenagers will be astonished by a flashier exterior that can be aimed with complete automotive wraps. Those vinyl car wraps may be of every custom design and even photos. The digitally printed image will be placed on the large sheets of exterior vinyl then applied to the vehicle’s surface, leaving spaces around the doors and windows. That procedure will transform your ride to an almost living creature with personal appearance and character. If you have a high resolution and quality image which can be enlarged to fit your ride without any distortion, you can achieve really breathtaking results.

Most automotive graphics available today on the market usually comes with messages but without images. Car and truck lettering is a very popular solution for small business company to economically advertise their business. Such commercial applications use primarily simple logos and vinyl lettering. As those graphics are more affordable, people like to use them on bicycles, boats, truck, aftermarket wind deflectors from, helmets, mirrors and many other smooth surfaces. Vinyl lettering and car graphics is considered to be the most acceptable quality car stickers, and very easy to use. Also making vinyl lettering and graphics is a smart solution for do-it-yourself applications. All vinyl graphics comes with transfer tape to keep the letters aligned, aiding in the application. When the transfer tape is removed, the graphics or letters appear to be painted on. These Vinyl Graphics are extremely durable and safe for car wash, lasting for 5-10 years or even longer. Vinyl decals can also be reversed cut and mounted to the inside of windows.

Contemporary technique of car graphics producing has also reached high results making them UV and weather resistant. Special materials today make your decals last much longer outdoors. Many online car accessories stores and studios offer online tools for design that allows you to create, preview and buy the vinyl graphics and lettering without ever leaving your home or office. Please read further for more benefits you may enjoy applying car graphics on your rides:

  • Commercial – You can promote your company applying vinyl car graphics and lettering to your car, truck or SUV. That graphics may be used both for the body of the car and for it’s windows. Window decals are the most widely spread form of the car decoration using vinyl automotive graphics.
  • Safety – Add reflective vinyl letters and reflective graphics to increase safety at night. Usage of reflective vinyl car graphics will reduce the chances of collision during the night time.
  • Esthetic upgrade – Simply add vinyl decals to decorate your ride and make it unique and stand out. Add a reflection of your personality for the others. Attractive vinyl car graphic will surely make heads turn.

With so many benefits from using custom car graphics it is a must for every car owner to have such affordable decoration for ones ride.